"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Big Red Belly!

I know y'all have been dying for a belly pic. Today I was at work waiting on my next client when I decided to play around and take a pic of my big red belly at 24 weeks Prego.....

Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Thing About Me......

A couple of my favorite bloggy friends did this post so I thought I would join the fun!

1. I cant spell at all, Thank God for spell check seriously!

2. I watch Days of Our Lives every day even all though the same storey lines have been going on for months now.

3. I hate to talk on the phone, and when I do I have to pace so I don't get distracted.

4. I want to so bad be a person who enjoys working out but I just hate it!!!

5. I loose interest in hobbys pretty quick.

6. I am a push over Mom.

7. I cant stand pickles or Bananas, if one either of them even touches my food I have a fit.

8. I knew from the first time I ever saw my husband I would marry him, even though I was only 14 at the time.

9. I cant watch scary movies.

10. I have the messiest car in the entire planet!

11. I like to keep my house between 75 and 80 degrees year round

12. I have a fear of chainsaws.

13. I am afraid of the dark.

14. I love love love peanut butter.

15. I am a spontaneous crier, especially lately HORMONES!

16. I refuse to spend more $50 on a pair of shoes but I will spend $400 on one purse.

17. My husband is slowly converting me into a germaphobe.

18. I am sooo nosey, I love to listen in on others conversations in public, it drives my husband crazy.

19. I drive like a grandma super slow and sitting a foot away from the steering wheel.

20. I cant sing but that doesn't stop me from belting it.

21. I have never been in a fight, although I should have got my butt kicked on many occasions when I was younger.

22. I hate to read.

23. I hate to sleep, Its a total waste of time I have way to much to do.

24. I have been known to be a little to spontaneous and not put allot of thought in to major purchases.

25. I have the worst A.D.D. but I would never take medications to change that because I think that is just what make me who I am.

Stock Show 2009

Its that time of year again! Every Year in January the Stock Show/ Rodeo comes to town. As far back as I can remember it has been a tradition to go every year (although the past few years we have skipped out). I love going to the Stock show, its so fun seeing all the animals and going to the trade show. Since Poopoo is a big two year old now I thought it would be a fun experience for him to go to the Stock Show for the first time. My Mamaw, Papaw, Poopoo, and I all loaded up and headed to the show. We had so so so much fun its defiantly a tradition I will continue with my kiddos.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Baby Boy turned 2!!!!

Dear Poopoo,
I cant believe it has been two years since I held you in my arms and looked into those beautiful brown eyes for the first time. You will never understand the amount of joy and love you have brought into our hearts. Over the past two years I have watched you grow from a helpless little baby into a energetic little boy. Everyday I am amazed at how smart you are and all the things that you can do. You truly are a blessing and I thank god everyday for giving you to me. Mommy loves you sweet boy. Happy 2ND Birthday.

Love, Mommy

Poopoos 2ND Birthday Party, Elmo Style!!!!

Dancing with Elmo....

Taking a break.....

Loving the Happy Birthday song......

"Mommy Hat"........

That is some good stuff........

Parties over baby.....

Happy Birthday Poopoo!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pray for Pink or a good return policy! *UPDATED*

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this super cute pink and black girl bedding I had purchased. I had originally purchased the bedding from Babies"r"us on clearance. For those of you who don't shop at Babies"r"us regularly, let me just tell you they have the best return policy. It doesn't matter if its out of the packaging or don't have a receipt , they will take it back.

Even though I loved that pink bedding I was not at all sad about having to return it. You see I am a planner and I had already picked out a boy bedding set I absolutely love. I first had seen the boy bedding 4 pc set at Lonestar baby and kids and fell in love with it. I was able to purchase the exact same 4 pc set at Babies"r"us.com for $80 cheaper YEA!!!! So here it is......


Happy New Year!