"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Razors Anyone?

Two great Freebies this week
Shick Intuition iVillage Giveaway register to receive razor HERE
Shick Titanium Razor or Trimmer HERE

Thanks Money saving Mom


So I know you have noticed my lack of postings. Extreme exhaustion from being a human oven has left me less than enthused when it comes to seeking out great deals maintaining my blog. I am not usually a napper but I now take a nap every single day. I know, I know I should take full advantage of the opportunity to sleep with number 2 on the way. Apparently having a 2 year old and a new born will make sleep a treasured memory. So please excuse my absence, this to shall pass. Alyssa over at Kingdom First also shares my struggles.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photo Friday!!!

Surprise !!!!!!

Freebie Friday!!!!!

Free Sample of Ponds Clean Sweep HERE
Free Sample of Calvin Klien Sweet Obsession HERE
Free Sample of Good Nites HERE
Free Sample of Bertolli's Pasta Sauce HERE
Free Johnson Baby Shampoo sample HERE
Free Jiffy Recipe book HERE
Lots of Free Baby Sample HERE
Free Sample of Cesar's dog food HERE
And of coarse Always Check out Walmart.com for lots more great Freebies
Happy Freebie Friday Y'all!!!!

New $/$$ Wags Coupon

Walgreens has issued a new $5 off $20 Purchase coupon HERE good for today Friday September 26th and Sunday September 27th. The deal with the Wags $5/$20 is you have to spend $20 before tax and after coupons.


Small Family Save Money on Meat

Meat is the most expensive thing on our grocery list. We are only a family of 3, one of those three is only 20 months old. Before I was frugal I would make large portions and throw away what we didn't eat. We are not a leftover family we have tried but neither me nor my husband are fans of leftover food. Now that I am a super frugal chick I have been coming up with all kinds of ways to save money.
When I purchase my meat I always break it down in small portions before I freeze it. I bag everything in twos, when I purchase a 1lb. ground beef I cut it in half. The best way to freeze is by using vacuum bag, this helps prevent freezer burn. I use Ziploc Vacuum bags they are cheap and easy to use, Ziploc always has great coupons as well!

CVS Circular

I heard a rumor earlier this week that CVS would be switching back to publishing there store circular on Sunday instead of there recent change to Friday. This was a exciting rumor for me! Of coarse as with any rumor I don't like to believe it till confirmed by a reliable source. I got up this morning and went to CVS.com to check out this weeks new ad but when I typed in my zip code to get my local circular I was meet with this message....

We're sorry, there are no current Store Circulars at this time for this location. Please check the ZIP code you entered, or check back Sunday September 28 for Store Circulars for this location.

I entered my zip code several times to make sure it was not my mistake. It wasn't!! Can You say WOOHOO! I tried so hard to get adjust to the change of Sundays CVS Ad to Friday, it threw me off big time. I don't get the Friday paper so I was having to make a special trip each week to CVS just to pick up the circular. Thank you CVS if this means what I think it does for finally coming back to your senses :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kroger Yo Quero Taco!

3 Old El Paso Refried Beans $1.30 On sale 10/$10
3 Taco Shells $1.99 on sale 10/$10
3 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $.89
3 Land O Lakes Butter $1.99 on sale 10/$10
2 Cottenelle 4 Pack $1.19 each
used 3 $1.00 off 2 Old El Paso products, 3/$.50 off Land O Lakes coupon insert- doubled, 2 $.50 off Cottenelle- doubled, 3 Free Seasonings w/ purchase of 2 Old El paso Peel coupon off the Taco shell box(BONUS), $.40 off Cake mix coupon insert- doubled

Total Value $22.13
Total OOP $3.55
Total Saved $18.58

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

OMG Free Ice Cream!!!!

For more Wordless Wednesday fun visit 5 Minutes for Mom.


What better time to stock up on Klennex than allergie season.

Tran 1
1 Ambi Face Wash $6.99
1 Adidas Deodorant $4.99
used $2/$10 CVS, $2 off Ambi CVS printer machine coupon, $3 off Ambi HERE, $1 off Adidas, $3 ECB
OOP $.98
earned $4, $4.99 ECB

Tran 2
15 Boxes of Kleenex Facial Tissue $1.00 each
1 Cottenelle 12 pack bath Tissue $6.49
1 12 pack Viva paper towels $6.49
used 5/$.50 off 3 Kleenex, $2/$10 CVS coupon, $.50 off Cottenelle, $.35 off Viva, $2,$3,$4,$4,$4.99 ECBs
OOP $3.94
earned $10 ECB

Total Value $39.96
Total OOP $4.92
Total Saved $35.04

CVS Money Maker!

Yesterday I went to CVS and the Magic coupon Machine printed out a fantastic coupon for $2.00 off any Ambi Product. Stack That with a $3.00 off Ambi HERE.
Pay $6.99 for Face wash
use $2 off machine coupon & $3.00 off Printable
Pay $1.99 OOP
Earn $3.00 ECB YEA!!!!

Hope You get lucky at the Magic Coupon Machine as well!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

My Tackle this week was my beloved pretty pink coupon binder!
I am so ashamed that I have let it get this out off hand, my coupons were piling up unclipped and my binder was filled with coupons that had expired in June SO BAD! I have no excuse for this, just pure laziness.
These are all my expired coupons WOW!After a couple of hours clipping, sorting , and pulling I finally got it back in shape YEA!!! Hopefully now shopping for good deals will be allot easier :)
For more Tackle it Tuesday fun visit 5 Minutes for mom.

A Gift that benifits Children

I was at Kohl's today and came across this great gift idea. At the front of the store next to the register there is a display with 4 great books and four different fun stuffed animals. Each book and Animal are $5.00. If you have small children in your family this is a great gift at only $10 for a book and matching stuffed animal (my son went crazy when I pulled these out of the bag). What makes this gift so so special is 100% off the proceeds go to Kohl's Care for Kids Foundation. This foundation supports health and education opportunities nationwide. So not only will you bring a smile to the face of the little one in your life, you will also bring a smile to many other little faces.

First trip to CVS this week

I made my first trip to CVS today and I plan to go back tommorow for more...

2 Crest Pro-Health toothaste $2.99 each
1 Nivea Body Wash $4.99
used 2/$.50 off Crest coupon insert, $1.00 off Nivea Body wash mailer coupon, $8 ECB

Total Value $10.98
Total OOP $.98
Total Saved $10
earned $4, $4.99 ECB

Monday, September 22, 2008

Make it yourself Monday

Not only is the September issue off All You magazine filled with lots of great coupons but it is filled with fun crafty ideas for Halloween. I just loved the pumpkin snowman. I decided to use fake pumpkins so it would last longer. I bought my pumpkins at Micheal's for 50% off, I payed $15 for both Pumpkins. T0 carve my jack-o-lantern I used a carving kit I bought on clearance last year after the holiday.

First thing I did was carve my face for the top of the pumpkin snowman.
Next I used a hot glue gun to glue the head to the body pumpkin.
Finally I poked two holes in each side of the pumpkin, using a glue gun to secure place a stick in each hole. (I got my stick from my front yard)
I placed him in a flower pot so that he would be more stable and stand a little taller.

Monday Super Target Savings

12 Buddies Soap $.99 each
2 Huggies Clean Team $2.24 each
6 Lysol Freshmatic reg $9.99 on sale $5.99
2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal $3.14 each
1 Nestle Semi-sweet Morsels $2.79
3 Klennex $1.69
1 Electrisal Tabs $2.79
2 Ziploc Bags $2.39 each
1 Lysol Spray $3.89
Bananas $1.20
Grapes $4.00
Buttoni Pasta $1.79
Clartin $10.09
1 Colgate Total $3.64

used $1.00 odd Ore Ida coupon insert, $1.00 off Ore Ida Target coupon, 4 $3/3 Buddies coupon insert, 6 $5 off Lysol coupon insert,2 $.50off Quaker coupon insert, $1.00 off Quaker target coupon,$.50 off 3 Klennex coupon, $1.00 off 3 Kleenex target coupon, $2.25 off Electrisal coupon insert,$.75 off Ziploc Target coupon, $1.00 off 2 Ziploc coupon insert, $1.00 off Butoni Pasta Target coupon, $2 off Claritn coupon insert, $3 off 2 Huggies Clean team mailer coupon, $1.50 off Colgate coupon , $1.0 0 off Colgate target coupon

Total Value $132.81
Total OOP $46.31 (I got shorter some coupons should off been $41.47)
Total Saved $62.50 WOOHOO

Now although I got some really great deals I almost blew threw this weeks entire budget but I was under last week $7.88 so this week I still have $11.58 left to spend (this will be Tricky).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Survey Says.....

Take a survey and earn Extra Care Bucks!!!!

CVS is offering Extra Care Bucks for taking a online survey. Go HERE to take your survey and collect your extra Buck! I have not taken my survey because it is 12:30 and I need to get in bed so I am not sure if it is short or long, but who cares its free money! I will take it tomorrow:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Weekly Grocery Budget Review

OK as you can tell I have been majorly slacking this week (I promise with good reason). I only made a few stops this week and only used coupons on one trip as bad as that sounds.
First I made a trip to Walmart for a few things and spent $21.86

Next I went to CVS and spent $6.67

Finally I made a stop at Kroger for Milk & Bananas $5.59

My weekly budget is $50.00 last week I was $8 over.
This week Budget $42.00
My Total for this sad sad week of non couponing $34.12 (now the reason I spent so little is because my stockpile is plentiful so I just had to pick up perishables)
That means I was $7.88 under budget YEA!!!

What is your weekly Budget? How did you do this week?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Frugal Friday Fun!!!!

Hundreds of dollars worth of toys and Poopoo would rather play with empty toothpaste boxes and toilet parer rolls lol!
Happy Frugal Friday Y'all!!!!

Target Coupons!!!!

I was so excited when I checked my mail earlier this week and found this....
A Target Coupon Book! This book is filed with lots of great coupons.
$1 off Buitoni Pasta (Fettachini Pasta is only $1.76 at Target)
$1.00 off Viva Paper Towels
stack it with $.35 off coupon HERE
$1.00 off Kleenex Multi Pack or three Singles
stack with coupon insert
$.75 off Ziploc
stack with coupon insert or $.75 off printable HERE
$.75 off Charmin 24 Roll
Stack with recent coupon insert
$1.00 of Glad Trash Bags
$1.00 off Colgate Total
Stacked with $1.50 off HERE
$.75 of Crest Toothpaste
stacked with recent insert or $3.00 off both Prohealth Mouth wash and toothpaste HERE
$1.00 off Pantene or Head and Shoulders Products
stacked with recent coupon insert
There are many many more coupons in this awesome book! Be on the look out for yours :)

Freebie Friday!!!!!

Free 3LB. Bag of 9 Lives Cat Food HERE

Free Sample of Tampax Pearl HERE

Free Bear Naked Gronala HERE

Free Kotex Sample HERE
Free Sample of Gorrila Glue HERE (this stuff works great)

Free Natures Bounty Tote HERE (thanks Moma Koala)

Free Sample of Baby Organic Formula HERE

Free Sample of Airborne HERE

Free Mr. Clean Mini Magic Eraser HERE

Last but never least dont forget to check out Walmart.com for lost of great new FREEBIES HERE

Happy clicking!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Who knew daddys socks could be so much fun :)

For more Wordless Wednesdays visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas Countdown!

I Know most of you don't even want to think about the Holidays! Christmas is getting close and it is time to start preparing for the Holidays. I am a planner and with Christmas being only 14 weeks away I have been trying to come up with some fun Frugal ideas. I will be posting periodically different ideas on gifts and ways to save money during the Holiday season.

This week my idea is about gift wrapping. Gift Wrapping can be just as expensive as the gift itself, when you are wrapping multiple gifts the cost can add up fast! I have lots of fun cheap ideas for gift wrapping like my recycled gift tags HERE. I am not usually a gift bag person, I prefer to wrap my gifts in paper, it makes the gift more exciting for kids to tear into. For my adult family members this year instead of wrapping there gifts in wrapping paper I decided to use Reusable Shopping Bags.

I am so excited about this Idea, I love these bags. Just about every store has there own version of these bags. I will most likely purchase my bags from Target, they look the most festive. The cost is around $1.00 a bag depending on where you buy your bags. Use these bags just like you would a normal gift bag stuff it with tissue paper add some ribbon and a gift tag and presto you have a beautiful gift. The great thing about this Idea is its like getting two gifts because you can use the bag over and over again. It Also is better for the environment :)

What is your Idea?

My CVS Trip

Tran 1
2 Purex $2.99 each
1 Ambi Exfoliating Face Wash $6.99
used $1 off 2 Purex, $3off Ambi HERE, $2/$10 HERE
$1,$2,$2 ECB
OOP $2.13
earned $2, $3 ECB

Tran 2
4 Cover Girl WetSticks $3.99 each
used 2/BOGO Coupon insert, 2/$1.00 off Cover girl, $2/$10 CVS coupon
$3 Ecbs
OOP $1.06
earned $3 ECB

Tran 3
1 Alieve $3.99
1 Arnicare Pain Relief $9.49
used $1 off Alieve HERE, $2 off Arnicare HERE, $2/$10 CVS coupon
$3, $2 ECB
OOP $3.48
earned $8, $3 ECBs

Total Value for todays Trip $50.41
Total OOP $6.67
Total saved $43.74

Subtract $6.67 and my $20 trip to Walmart for much need groceries from my Weekly Budget and I am left with $15.33 to spend this week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CVS $5 Challange

For the Fisrt Time I am participating in the CVS $5 Challange hosted by Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First. Here is how it works you can only spend $5 OOP in up to 3 Transactions, your mission is to earn ECBs to use for the upcoming week at CVS.
Here are my senerios.....

Tran 1
2 Purex Laundry soap $2.99 each
use $1.00 off 2 coupon insert form todays paper
$4 ECB from last week
Total OOP $.98
earn $2 ECB

Tran 2
1 Execdrin $3.99
1 Alieve $3.99
use $2 off Excedrine coupon, $1 off Alieve coupon
$2 ECB from above
Total OOP $2.98
Earn $3.99, 3 ECB

Tran 2
1 Cover Girl Powder $5.99
1 Cover Girl Foundation $5.99
use $2/$10 CVS coupon, 2/$1.00 off Cover Girl coupon insert,
$3, $3.99 ECB from above
Total OOP $.99
Earn $3 ECB

Total OOP in 3 transactions $4.95 with $3 ECB to roll for next week :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Weekly Grocery Budget Review

I love reading Blog post about peoples grocery budgets and there progress. I also enjoy when bloggers recap there entire week of savings. I decided every week I will recap my entire week of savings, my Grocery Budget, and if I was able to keep under budget. Before I coupon shopped I never had a weekly grocery budget I just closed my eyes and handed over my debit card to the cashier, grocery shopping use to be a painful experience (spending around $150 a week) now its an addiction. I have set my weekly grocery budget $50.00 my grocery budget includes all our family needs diapers, toothpaste, paper goods, food, you get the picture :)

So here is How I did this week.....


4 Coffee-Mate Creamer
5 Bags of Chex Mix
1 Sun Maid Raisins
3 Visine
4 Dole Fruit Cups
1 Gallon Milk
2 Tubs Country Crock Butter
2 Sunsilk Volume Mist
2 Sun Silk Hair Spray
1 Hershey Syrup
1 5lb bag Sugar
2 Wags Dryer Sheets
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner
2 4pack AA Duracell Batteries
3 Creast Toothpaste
1 Chap Stick
4 Shick Quatro Refills
3 Schick Quatro Razors
Total Value $169.12
Total OOP $37.73
saved $131.89


3 Purex Laundry Soap
2 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Band-Aid
1 Revlon Nail Polish
1 Dozen eggs
Total Value $34.82
Total OOP $4.03
Total Saved $30.79


1 Package of ranch mix
1 can pinto beans
2 Cans Rotel
1 Bag Potatoes
2 Package of ground beef
1 Package of Dole Salad Mix
1 Baking Mix
1 Reusable Shopping bag (I love these)
Total OOP $16.33

So Did I stay under Budget?

Weekly Budget $50.00
Weekly Total $58.09

$8.09 Over Budget :(
I saved $162.68 that is a savings of 75% WOW!
I will try to make up the difference next week by making my budget $42.00
What is your Weekly Budget?

Walgreens keeps me coming back for more!

I had not planned to make a second trip to Wags today but we were in a different area this evening and I thought I would run into a different Wags and see if they had any of the razors my wags was out of.
So Glad I did!

3 Shick Quatro Razors Reg. $9.99 on sale $4.99 each
4 Shick Quatro Refills Reg. $9.99 on sale $4.99 each
2 Visine $3.99
used 6/$4.00 off Schick Quatro coupon insert, 2/$3.00 off Visine All You Mag coupon, $2.00 off Easy Saver coupon, $3 RR, $2RR
Total Value $77.91
Total OOP $2.89 WOW!
Total Saved $75.02

Freebie Friday!!!!!

Well it has been awhile since I have posted Frebbie Friday, Hopefully this will make up for it....

Free Enfamil Breast Feeding Kit HERE

Free sample of Quaker Simple Harvest HERE

Free Kotex sample HERE

Free Poise Pads Sample HERE

Free Greenies Sample HERE

Free Sample of Warm Delight Brownie Bowl HERE (Yummy!)

Free Sample of Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes HERE

Free 2 Year Subscription to Parent Magazine HERE

Free 14 Day Supply of Nature Made Vitamins HERE

Free Box Of Just For Men Touch of Grey HERE

Free Comb form Redken HERE

And of coarse our friends at Walmart.com always have great sample!!!!

Happy Clicking!!!!!!

My Loot

Ok I ventured off to Walgreens to today to use my $10/$40. I had my game plan mapped out and was ready to save big. Of coarse as I expected they were out of several of the items on my list, bit that was ok I used this to my advantage by purchasing a few items that were on my grocery list.
Here is how I made out.......
Walgreens Dryer Sheets 2/$5
3 Chex Mix $.99
4 Dole 4 pack mixed fruit cups $2.00 each
2 Duracell AA 4 Pack $5.29 each
2 Sunsilk Hairspray $4.49 BOGO
2 Sunsilk Volumizing Spray $4.29 BOGO
2 Scrubbing Bubbles $2.49 each
3 Creast Toothpaste $2.67 each
1 Visine eye drops $3.99
2 Country Crock butter slae 41.50 each
1 Hershey Sryup on sale $1.99
1 Gallon of Milk $3.99
1 5lb bag of sugar $2.99
1 chap stick (had to buy this to make it work)
used 4/$1.50 off Sunsilk coupon insert, 2/$.75 off 2 Dole coupon insert, 3/$.50 off Chex coupon insert, 2/$.75 off Scrubbing Bubbles coupon insert, 3.00 off Visine, 2/$.75 off Duracell, $2.99 Duracell wag ad coupon, 3/5 dole wags ad coupon, $2.00 off Visine Easysaver coupon, $10/$40 wag coupon
Total value $77.07
T0tal OOP $31.68
Total Saved $45.39 Not bad for some last minute mental math!
earned $3 RR and $2 RR

My Wags Game Plan

Ok this took a little work but I love a challenge. The deal with the Wags $10/$40 is that you have to spend $40 before tax and after coupons. This poses as a challenge to some because in order to make it worth your wild you have to make a large transaction.
After long strategic planning here is my scenario

6 Schick Quatro Razors on sale $4.99 each- use 6/$4.00 off coupon insert
4 Srubbing Bubbles Flushible Cleaning Wipes $2.49- use 4/$1.00 off coupon insert
3 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Foam $2.49 each- use 3/$.75 off coupon insert
2 Lady Speed Stick 24/7 $3.99 on sale BOGO- use 2/$1.00 off coupon insert
2 Duracell AA 4pack Batteries- use $2.99 Ad coupon, 2/$.75 off coupon insert
3 Creast Whitening w/Scope 6.2 oz Toothpaste 3 for $8- use 2/$.75 off coupon insert (wish I had a third but oh well)
4 Dole 4 pack Fruit Cups- use 3/$5 Ad coupon 2/ $.75 off Dole coupon insert
3 Chex Mix on sale $.99- use 3/$.50 off coupon insert (there is also a $1.00 off coupon here but I already printed my limit)
2 Nature Maid Raisins on sale $1.99
Total after coupons $40.74
use $10/$40 Walgreens printable coupon HERE
Total OOP $30.74 plus Tax
Earn $10 RR for Scrubbing Bubbles & $3 RR for Creast

Total Value $82.98 WOOHOOO!!!!!
Wish me Luck my Fingers are Crossed, I hope this works!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walgreens coupon

I am so excited!!! I had already to make a Walgreens run tomorrow but now my deal is even sweater. Walgreens has issued a $10 off $40 good for Friday Sept 12th and Saturday Sept 13th.
Clickty Click Here to get yours :)

Pickens Plan

Please take 2 minutes to email congress and demand they fix our dependence of foreign oil.
Go to PickensPlan.com and fill out the email form under Contact Congress.
This is important we can make a difference for the future of or country.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Some people see the Virgin Mary in a store window, we see a Truck Driver on our kitchen floor lol!

For More Wordless Wednesday fun visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A future mom at work :)

One of the many reason I Love Sarah Palin, her beautiful children:) Especially her little girl who is such a great big sister and will be a good mom someday, she has already got the lick and slick down lol!

Our Rainy Vacation

This week we are on vacation YEA!!!!! We had originally planed to take a trip down to San Antonio and go to Sea World. I was so excited about taking Poopoo to see Shamu (is he still there?). We had not made any plans in advance so I was shocked when I got on the computer yesterday and found out Sea World is only open on the weekends in September :( Then I thought well maybe we will go to San Antonio anyway and hang out on the river walk, see the Alamo. "Never mind! Dang you Ike!!!" Although Ike is not exactly headed for San Antonio it is headed in that general direction, which means lots of rain and possibly a huge traffic jam trying to get out of there.
So with no plans we decided to stay home. There is allot to do in our area that we normally don't get to do as a family, like the zoo. "Oh wait we cant its raining, Dang you Ike!" I am sure we will find some fun family things to do indoors, it is just nice being able to spend the week together as a family.

My Favorite Things

This week my favorite thing has been a favorite for a very very long time. We all have a pair of these, that one pair of super comfortable pants that we wear all the time. "Yes that is a safety pin holding the pant leg together lol. "I love these pants!" I bought this pair of super comfortable pants 8 years ago at THE GAP on the clearance rack. They have been washed and worn so many times they are about to fall apart. I have bought several pairs of pants to try and replace them but I have finally come to realize this is impossible. I will wear the pants till they fall apart completely . The day I have to throw these pants away will be a very sad day!
Whats your favorite thing this week?
Visit Fiddeldeedee for more Favorite Things....