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Friday, September 5, 2008

Frugal Friday Savings

Made a couple of quick stops today to pick up some big savings, I am really lucky that where I live the grocery stores are lined up like ducks. so I don't have to go out of my way to save.......

My First Stop was Tom Thumb.......

6 Chewy Granola Bars on sale $2.49
4 Motts Apple Juice on sale $2.49
used 3/$.75 off 2 Quaker, 2/$1.00 off 2 Motts, Got $10 for purchasing participating products

Total Value $24.90
Total OOP $10.65
Total Saved $14.25

Next stop Kroger....

6 Cans of Pringles 10/$10
2 Cottenelle Toilet Paper $1.19 each
used 2/$.30 of 3 Pringles- tripled, 2/$.50 off Cottenelle-doubled

Total Value $8.38
Total OOP $4.61
Total Saved $3.77

Last but defiantly not least Albertsons...

2 Box Cheerios $3.19 each BOGO
6 Pillsbury Grands $2.19 each BOGO
4 Kool-Aid$.20 each (I will post later several things you can do with al this Kool-Aid)
2 Vanilla Wafers $2.99 each
Bananas $.93
1 Meow Mix $.99
1 Kraft Cheese $3.29
1 Oscar Myer Franks $4.49
used Free Cheerios Coupon mailer, 2/$.50 off 3 Pillsbury- doubled, $.75 off 2 Nabisco, Free Bananas PullTab from Wafers, Free Meow Mix coupon insert, Free Kraft All You coupon, Free Oscar Mayer All You coupon

Total Value $ 38.10
Total OOP $10.53
Total Saved $27.57


Penny Pinching Parent said...

Wow! Great savings... doesn't it make you feel good when you save that much?

April said...

yes definatly

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you have some great grocery stores. Wish we had more options for groceries. I love your blog! Cool idea for greeting cards. Do you scrapbook by any chance?

April said...

I dont Scrap Book but I have been thinking about starting :)