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Friday, September 26, 2008

CVS Circular

I heard a rumor earlier this week that CVS would be switching back to publishing there store circular on Sunday instead of there recent change to Friday. This was a exciting rumor for me! Of coarse as with any rumor I don't like to believe it till confirmed by a reliable source. I got up this morning and went to CVS.com to check out this weeks new ad but when I typed in my zip code to get my local circular I was meet with this message....

We're sorry, there are no current Store Circulars at this time for this location. Please check the ZIP code you entered, or check back Sunday September 28 for Store Circulars for this location.

I entered my zip code several times to make sure it was not my mistake. It wasn't!! Can You say WOOHOO! I tried so hard to get adjust to the change of Sundays CVS Ad to Friday, it threw me off big time. I don't get the Friday paper so I was having to make a special trip each week to CVS just to pick up the circular. Thank you CVS if this means what I think it does for finally coming back to your senses :)

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Tena said...

YAY! Glad it is back the way you like it!
Our CVS flier comes to us through the mail!