"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Monday, June 30, 2008


Clean Home Journal is ofering a chance to recieve a "Joys of Sumer" Gift Pack that will include Ziploc sandwich bags (50 ct. box) and $5 in coupons. They will mail them to the first 10,000 people who respond and who have not received a Clean Home Journal gift pack in the past 90 days. Sign up here.

The Frugal Kitchen

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

1 Cream of Mushroom soup

1/2 cup of Grated Parmesan cheese
(I used Mozzarella this time cause my husband grab the wrong kind at the store, but it still tasted great)

1 Package of Fettuccine Pasta
Target sells Buitoni for $1.76 use $1.00 off from 6/8 insert

2 Tablespoons of butter

1/2 cup of milk

2 chicken breast
( I like to use the bone-in w/rib and boil them cause it makes them more tender)

1/4 teaspoon of onion powder

Boil chicken breast in medium size pot for 45 minutes.
In a separate pot boil pasta until done, drain water and set pasta aside.
using the pot you just cooked the noodles in cook Cream of Mushroom, Milk, Butter, Parmesan cheese Onion powder, and pepper on medium for 10-15 minutes.
Pull chicken of bone, add chicken to sauce, add Noodles cook on medium for 5 more minute.
Plate and Serve.......


CVS Money Makers 6/29-7/5

There are some really great Money Makers & Deals at this week at CVS!
Great Deal
Bic Soleil Razor and Refills $6.99 each
buy one of each use 2/ $4.00 off coupon 6/15 insert
pay OOP $6.00, earn $5.00 ECB

Money Maker #1
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mascara $7.99 (limit 1)
use $1.00 off 6/1 insert
Pay OOP $6.99, earn $7.99 ECB
(I got the last one at my store yea!!!)

Money Maker #2
Coopertone Water Babies sun block stick $4.79
buy 2 coopertone products and get $10 ECB
Pay OOP $9.58, earn $10 ECB

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My week at CVS

Tran 1
2 Bounty 8pk $5.49 each
2 Charmin 12rl $5.99 each
coupons used 2/$.25 off Charmin
2/$.25off Bounty
used $10, $6.98 ECB
OOP $5.60
earned $10 ECB
Tran 2
4 Colgate Total $2.99 each
used $10 ECB
OOP $1.46
earned $8 ECB

Tran 3
1 Pampers Mega pk $13.99
1 colgate total $2.99
coupon used $1.50 off colgate
used $8, $5 ECB
OOP $2.65
earned $3, $2 ECB
Total Value $51.90
Total OOP $9.71
Total saved $42.19

Friday, June 27, 2008

Frugal Friday Fun!!!!

Today was a filled with lots of great Frugal Friday Fun!

First a trip to the neighborhood pool. We went swimming, ate sack lunches, and went swimming some more.

Next I highlighted my own hair (I am a professional do not try this at home).

Gave myself a Pedicure with the Sally Hansen Nail pen that I bought at CVS earlier this week w/ this coupon.(by the way these nail pens work great)

And tonight we will finish the day with a movie from Netflix:)
Happy Friday Everyone!!!!


If you have not yet sign up for Netflix you should! For as little as $4.99 a month you can see tons of great movies. Movie rentals at local rental stores cost around $5.00 per movie WOW! We are homebodies at our house so we watch allot of movies. Before we got Neflix we would spend $10-$15 a weekend just on renting movies. Not to mention what we wasted in liquid gold (gas) getting to Blockbuster. We have saved some serious money by switching to Netflix, it pays for it self with on trip to Blockbuster. Visit Netflix.com for a two week FREE TRIAL.

Freebies at your curb!!!!!

WOOHOOO!!!!! Lots of great and yummy freebies in the mail today!
Benifiber get yours here
Nievia Skin Cream get it here
All You Magazine 2 free trail isues here
Warm Delights yummy!!!! get yours here
Vaseline Mens Body & Face Lotion get your here

Great Deals at Kroger

Even without coupons you can find some great deals!!!! By looking at the sale add and a little calculating here is what I can out with. Right now Kroger is running allot of great 10 for $10 and if you but $10 worth of certain participating Daytona 500 products you get $3.00 off instantly at the register. My total today was $12.03 not bad for not having any coupons!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Sweet Little Chico

R.I.P Sweet Chico

My sweet little dog Chico passed away in his sleep last night. Chico lived 16 wonderful years filled with Love, Little Barks, and lots of Beef Jerky. He will be greatly missed. Please Lord take good care of my precious little Chico!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A fun trip to Walmart

Thanks to The Centsible Sawyer here are so great deals I got today at Wally-World (Wal-mart).......

Dixie Napkins $1.75 $.55 MC 6/22 insert

Kashi Blue BerryWaffles $2.12 $2.00 off print here

V8 Fushion $2.98 $2.00 off print here

Blue Bunny Bomb Pops $1.50 $1.00 off print here

Cascadian Farms frozen Brocli $1.96 $1.00 off print here

Electrisal Dishwash Tabs $2.62 $.75off MC 6/1 insert

YoPlus Yogurt $2.23 $1.00 off print here

Huggies Wipes (travel size) $.98 $1.00 off 6/22 insert

Dog Treats $2.52 $1.50 off MC 6/22 insert

Zantac $3.98 $5.00 off print here (overage)

HP printer paper $3.97 (need this for all the coupons I print) $3.00 off print here

Total before coupons $26.64

Total OOP $7.84

And My sweet boy enjoyed the Bomb Pops!!!

Crib Recall

Jardine Crib Recall!!!

Jardine has issued a recall for several different modal cribs sold between Jan 2002 and May 2008 at Babies"r"us and Toys"r"us. The wooden crib slats and spindles can break, creating a gap, which can pose an entrapment hazard and strangulation hazard to infants. We bought one of these cribs for our son in 2007 and I noticed a few months ago that part of the crib had broken, we had continued to use it cause we felt it did not threaten our sons safety, but when I got a phone call this afternoon about the recall I was immediately concerned. We will be contacting Jardine ASAP! If you are anyone you know owns a Jardine you can go to Babies"r"us.com and get a list of all model numbers. To Contact Jardine to register for vouher on your recalled crib call1-800-646-4106 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET or you can register online at http://www.jardinecribrecall.com/

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Freebies!!!!!

There are some really great Freebies floating around in the Blogshere......
Betty Crocker Warm Delights Click here.
O.B. Sample here

I cant Believe Its Not Butter Sample here

Stride Gum here (this one is funny!!)

Wildflower Seeds from Burts Bees here

New York Brand Dippin Sticks here (quick survey)

Free Bobble Head here ( I got the mini Jesus hehe!)

Free Pledge Multi Surface here

Free Sample of Flint River Dog Food here

TIGI Foxy Curls Sample here (this excites me as a hairstylist bed head is a great product line)

2 Free energy saving Light bulbs here (this will excite my hubby)

And of coarse Last but certinally not least Walmart.com always has great Samples!!!

Thanks to all my blogy friends for posting all these great deals including Money Saving Moms, The Centsible Sawyer, and Freebies 4 Moms


We need Gas to Fuel our Cars and Milk to fuel our growing Kiddos and every week just like gas it feels like the costof milk keeps going up :(
But wait yet another great coupon yea!!! Click here to get $1.00 off coupon for Little Einstiens milk and enter to win 5 FREE CARTONS OF MILK!!!!!
I hope I win, FINGER CROSSED!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mail, Mail, Mail!!!

Another Great Day for Mail Freebies!!!!
Huggies Pull-ups Potty training video, If you are about to start potty training or know someone who is get your video here.
Shine n Go shoe polish, great sample 9 shoe polish samples 4 black, 3 brown, 2 clear get it here.

My $25 CVS gift card

Rember that $25 CVS card I got for filling a new perscription? I bet you are wondering what all you can get for $25.oo at CVS. Using My gift card, ECBs and Coupons here is what I came out with....

4 Listerine Smart Rinses $3.49 each
4 Colgate Advance toothpaste $2.99 each
1 CVS Sun Block $2.15
2 8 pk Bounty Paper towels $5.99 each
2 12 pk Charimin tolet Paper $5.99 each
3 Tone Body Washes $3.99 each
2 All & Mighty Laundry Detegant 6.49 each
2 Sally Hanson Nail polishes $7.99 each
2 Almay Mascaras $6.99 each

Total Value $110.93
Used $25.00 gift card
Saved $85.93

Free Thomas the Train @ Toys"r"us

Dont Forget to Print your coupon for your Free Thomas The Train at Toys"r"us. Print your here.

Thanks More Than Enough!

Todays Steals uhhh I mean Deals

I had not really planned on getting out of the house today but when I got a very exciting phone call saying my car was ready after being in the shop for three weeks, I decided to make use of my gas. The body shop is all the way across town by the Mall so I thought I would swing into Toys"r"us and pick up my FREE Thomas the Train, followed by a quick trip Target to fill a prescription an pick up some FREE soap and almost FREE diapers and wipes, last a day wouldn't be complete without a trip to CVS.

Coupon used

J & J $1.00 off print here

All & Mighty $1.00 off print here ( CVS has them BOGO this week use 2 Coupons)

Free Thomas the Train print here

Listerine Smart rinse $1.00 off print here

$5.00 off both Pampers & Wipes Target print here

I also used $1.00 Cvs sunblock coupon & $10 gift card w/ new prescription coupon at Target

Total OOP today $1.63 WOOOHOOO this is so much fun!!!!!

Some of my Favorite printable coupons

I just thought I would share with you some of my favorite Printable coupons ......

$1.00 off Muri- Glenn print here( target has this product for cheap after coupon making it as little as $.09 a can)

$1.00 off Coffee-Mate print here

$1.00 off All & Mighty print here ( Target has trail size for $.99 making it FREE)

$1.00 off Windex print here

$1.00 off Tylenol print here (target has trail size for $.99 making it FREE)

$4.00 off Purina Dog or cat food print here (walmart has both dog and cat food for right at $4.00 making them FREE)

$2.00 off Kashi print here

$1.00 off Kotex print here (Wal-mart has Kotex Panti-liners for $.99 Making them FREE)

$2.00 off honey Bunches of Oats w/ choclate clusters print here ($1.98 at Wal-mart making it FREE)

$1.00 of Johnsons Product print here (Wal-mart and Target have J&J Buddies soap for $.98 making them FREE)

Scotch Fur Fighter $4.00 off print here stacked with Target $4.00 off print here(target sells them for $9.99 after both coupons $1.99)

Target Portrait Studio No sitting fee $3.99 a sheet W/ free 8x10 print here (they take really great pictures for the price)

The Frugal Kitchen

Chicken & Dumplings

2 Chicken Breast on bone w/rib (Wal-mart sells a 6 pack for pretty cheap)

1 Small can of Biscuits (use coupon form 5/25 $1.00 of 3)

1/2 cup of milk

2 Tablespoons of Butter

(This recipe will serve 2-4 people to serve more just double it but cook times will remain the same)

Fill Pot 1/2 way with water and place chicken breast in pot. Bring chicken to a slow boil and let cook for 45 minutes, then remove chicken from pot and place chicken to the side.

Roll out biscuits with flour and cut into bite size pieces, Place all the bite size pieces into the water and let slow boil for 20 min stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

Pull chicken off bone and place back in the pot with the cooked biscuits along with the milk and butter. Sprinkle on a little salt & pepper let cook for 5 minutes.

Plate and serve.....

Enjoy some Southern Style Cooking!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The, Good The Bad, and The Ugly!!!!

1st The Good- Its Sunday Morning I wake up so excited that my paper is here, NEW COUPONS YEA!!!!!
The Bad- My hand is cramping from clipping all these wonderful coupons.......
The Ugly- My Kitchen table still a mess at 10:00 p.m.
Let this weeks Savings Begin :)~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My week at CVS

This week was not the best deal week at CVS. I did get a few girly things and that always makes me happy! Thanks to Keeping the Kingdom First I got some great coupons and found out that I could buy more than 2 Smart Rinses.

Tran 1
2 Tone body washes @3.99
Total $8
used$6 ECB, total oop $2.00
earned $2.00 ECB
(this was not the best deal but this is my most favorite bodywash, it smells so good)

2 Sally Hanson Quick Dry Nail Pens $7.99 each
1 Tone Body Wash $3.99
total $22.00
coupons used $4 off $20
$3.00 of a Sally Hanson print here
used$2.00, $10.00 ECB- OOP $3.00
earned $10, $1 ECB

Tran 3
2 Almay Mascara $6.99 each
2 Smart Rinse $3.49 each
total $21.00
coupons used 2/$1.00 off listerine print here
used $2.00, $$10.00 ECB- OOP $6.00
earned $6.98. $10.00 ECB

Total oop $11.00
It should of been only $7.00 but they wouldnt let me use my $4 off $20 twice even at a different CVS it showed I had aready used it once that day :(

What I bought at Kohl's for $2.53

I love going to Kohl's! But today I had to restrain myself from going to crazy cause I was only there to use my 2 $5.00 off coupons. Believe it or not it is kinda hard to find something at Kohl's that only cost $5.00. I had two coupons cause I registered under two different email addresses. To get your coupon go here and sign up for it, it will take a few days before they email it to you.

Here is what I got with my two purchases......

Transaction 1
Little Tykes Watering Pail reg $5.99 on sale $2.69
Take n Toss containers (love these) $3.85
total 6.54
after coupon $1.54

Transaction 2
Super cute Knit Tank $5.99
total $5.99
after coupon $.99

Mails In

Is this not just the cutest little bag of coffee you have ever seen!!! I love love love coffee, we drink allot of coffee in our house. I was excited today when I checked the mail and discovered this sample of Seattle's Best Coffee with $1.00 off coupon. Get your sample here.

Walgreens I am Back

I made a second trip to Walgreens today, thats twice in one week cause of there great deals! When I discovered CVS and There ECBs I thought I would never shop at Walgreens again. But thanks to the Grocery Game and ComicalCouponCents I found some great deals this week and decided to stock up.

3 ALL & Mighty Laundry Soaps on sale $1.99
$1.00 of coupon get it here - final price $.99 each

2 Windex all purpose Cleaner $3.79 BOGO
2 $1.00 off coupons get it here - $1.79 for both

2 Coffeemate Creamer on sale 2/ $3.00
2 $1.00 off creamer get it here - fianal price $1.00 both

total before coupons $12.79
total after coupons $ $5.79
saved $7.00 I love Coupons!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Deals at Walgreens

Here are some great deals I got at Walgreens.....

All & Mighty Launry Detegant 12loads on sale this week $1.99
$1.00 of coupon print here- final price $.99

2 Comet $1.29 each
walgreens coupon in this weeks add 2 for $.99

2 Windex $3.29 on sale this week bogo
use 2 $1.00 off coupons print here- final price $1.29 for both, thanks ComicalCouponCents

2 Mac & Cheese $1.19 each
$.69 coupon in this week Walgreens ad limit 3

total before coupons $15.53
Total spent 5.11
toatl saved $8.42

Sweet mail today!

Everyday I get so excited when the mail man comes . I anxiously run to the Mailbox to see what great things might be waiting inside for me! Todays mail was super sweet.....

Pampers Pull-ups

Clean Team shampoo sample

Ensure coupons for 1 free Ensure and $3.00 off Ensure get it here

Yoplait coupon for one free package of yogurt

Yeah I love the mail I wish the mail came on Sundays as well!!!!

Holy pig thats cheap!

Walmart has Farmland Ham for $2.86
use $2.00 off coupon from Last Sundays coupon insert and get it for only $.86 each. Woohooo thats cheap!!!!

Oh sweet obsession!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am out of control, I think my new thrive to be frugal has turned obsession!!!!!!!!!!
Here is what I got at Target yesterday.......

3 boxes of 20 ct. Band-Aids $1.99 each
2 Neosporin $3.08 each
3 $.75 off Band-Aid &3 $.75 0ff Neosporin print here
$5 off any 5 target coupon insert- finall price 3.38 for all 5

2 J&J Baby shampoo $2 for $6
3 Poise Panti liners $ .99 each
$5 off any 5 coupon insert
2 $1.00 off J&J print here- final price $2.00 for all 5

1 Colgate total advance $2.94
$1.50 off coupon insert
$1.00 off target coupon print here - final price $.44

1 jumbo pack of Pampers & 180 ct. wipes 15.98
$2.00 off any two coupon insert
$5.00 0ff any two target coupon print here- final price $$8.98

1 Satin Care shave gel trail size $.99 each
$.55 off coupon insert- final price $.45

5 All & Mighty Laundry trail size $.99 each
$1.00 off print here

1 shout wipes trail size $.99
$1.00 off print here- final price FREE

3 Tylenal trail size $.99
$1.00 off pritn here- final price FREE

3 Muri Glenn tomato paste $1.09 each
$1.00 off print here- final price $.09 each

Total before coupons $53.19
Total spent $13.53
Total saved $ 39.66

For more great Target deals got to Money Savving Moms.

Make your vacuum smell good!

Want to make your vacuum and whole house smell yummy every time you vacuum? All you have to do is next time you change out your vacuum bag take a pouch of scented popurri and pour a little of it into your vacuum bag. Now every time you vacuum it will smell like the popurri in your whole house. I like Apple Cinnamon, spicy scents smell like home to me yummy!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recycle Your Makeup

I have been saving these old M.A.C makeup containers forever!!! M.A.C cosmetics will let you bring back your old make-up containers and trade them for new makeup. All you have to do is take your old containers to any M.A.C counter they will trade 6 of them for one lipstick or if you take them to the M.A.C store you can trade your six containers for your choice of a lipstick, lip gloss, or eyeshadow yea!!!! I had 24 old make-up containers (wow that is allot of make-up) that I traded for 2 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, and 1 lip gloss that is $56.00 worth of makeup for FREE!!!! I asked the sales clerk at the M.A.C store what happens to all the old containers. M.A.C takes all the plastic used in the old makeup containers grinds them down and uses them to make children's playground equipment, AHHHH isn't that sweet!!! Here is a picture of my awesome reward for recycling...........

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

What a big boy Coloring a Fathers Day card for his daddy!

For more Wordless Wednesday fun go to 5 Minutes for Mom

Thanks Alyssa!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Stuff in the mail today...

I just love coming home to FREE STUFF!!!!

Here are some Free things I got in the mail Today

Juicy Juice sippy cup get it here

Platex Bottle get it here

No freebies from Wal-mart.com today but they have lots of new samples you can request here

Todays shopping avdentures

I had so so much fun today coupon shopping with my step sister Melissa. Like me Melissa is on her way to being the Coupon Quenn. First Stop was Target Melissa spent way less then Me. I had to pick up some Pampers Splashers, that was a big ticket item but I stacked a target coupon that I got out of Parents Magazine for $1.50 off with $1.50 off coupon I got in a Jumbo Pampers box making them only$6.00. I was also really excited when Melissa spotted a Gillete Fushion Razor and Shavecream combo on sale for $6.98 and when we got to the registar it only rang up $3.98 so using my $4.00 off coupon I got it for FREE!!!!! I also purchased 10 Buddies Soaps with 2 coupons that my dear sweet sister gave me $5.00 of five Johnsons proucts making all 10 FREE!!!! I also bought some hanes undies that were marked down to $4.08 origanally $6. 98 and I used a $.50 off coupon making them $3.58, thats pretty cheap for some undies lol!!!
Melissa also scored big at target she purchased 5- 20ct boxes of Bandaids used a $5.00 off/ 5 bandaid target coupon stacked with 5 $1.00 off coupons making all five FREE!!!!
Our next stop was Wal-mart this time I spent less than Melissa we both purchased two bag of dog food using a coupon printed here I bought Purina puppy Chow for $4.17 used a $4.00 off coupon making them only $.17. I also used my Beachnut Baby food coupons today cause Wal-mart now has replaced the Del Monte Baby foods with Beachnut and they are supper cheap, using my coupons from this Sundays paper I got 8 jar fruits, 1 yogurt drink, 1 box of oatmeal all for $3.00 YEA!!!!! I also picked up allot of other great deals. Melissa was giving away allot of coupons and I was more than happy to take them off her hands lol!
I ended the day with a stop at Tom Thumb I picked up some Granola bars that where buy 2 get three free and 2 bags of chips and 2 salsa dips after my coupons it was $14.00 the most I spent in one place but they will get eaten.................
Todays Total $24.00, total saved $68.00 Now that was a fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What you can get for FREE or ALMOST FREE at Walmart

Poweraid $.60 $.75 off- 6/7 insert (possible .15 overage)

Purina Dog food $4.27 $4.00 off coupon print here

Kashi Oatmeal $2.76 $2.00 off coupon print here

Country Bob Sauce $2.58 FREE with coupon here

Johnson & Johnson Buddies Soap $.94 $1.00 off coupon print here

Honey Bunches of Oats $1.98 $2.00 off coupon print here

Kotex Liners $1.00 $1.00 off coupon print here

Redzone Bodywash (trail size) $.97 $1.00 off couopn 6/7 insert

Gold Bond Foot Powder (trail size) $.97 $1.00 off 6/7 insert

Fiber One Ceral Sample Walmart.com samples here

On the Go Drink Sample Walmart.com samples here

Excedrine Sample Walmart.com samples here

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Frugal Kitchen

Italian Chicken Pasta

1 Bag of Barilla Tri-color Rotini
$.50 off 2- 6/15 coupon insert
2 Small cans or 1 large can of Hormel Chicken Breast
$.30 off - 6/15 coupon insert
1 Can of Del Monte diced Tomato, Basil, & Garlic
2 Tablespoons of Olive oil
1 Tablespoon of Minced garlic
Shredded Parisian cheese

Saute canned chicken breast with Olive oil and minced in Large skillet on med heat.
In a separate pot boil the rontini noodles.
After chicken is sauteed add canned tomato and cook for 15 minutes on medium heat stirring occasionally add noodles last five minutes.
Plate, sprinkle Parisian cheese on top and serve.....

Friday, June 13, 2008

The new iphone

My iphone is probably one of my most favorite things, not at all frugal but worth every penny.

There is nothing like standing in line at the grocery store and being able to view web pages, blog, check your banking account or check your email with just the touch of a finger. No matter where I am at I can get on the Internet, its the greatest thing ever. I am normally not a gadget girl but I love love love this phone!!!

I originally waited awhile before I purchased my iphone, but of coarse as with everything they are coming out with a newer faster model and the kicker is that it is half the price. My husband jokes that he is going to buy a new one but that's not happening, when we bought our phones I felt sick walking out of the AT&T store knowing we spent that much money on two cell phones.

With all that said this is sad news for me but good news for all you more frugal people who held out. If you have $200 extra dollars put away I would seriously suggest purchasing one of these phones. I don't at all regret my purchase cause like I said in the beginning it was worth every penny. Check it out at apple.com.

Freebie Friday!!!!!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends in the blog sphere here are so great Freebies!!!!!
* Wal-mart.com always offers free samples, right now there offering....
Weather Works by Frizz-Ease
Real-Meat Dog Treats
PERFECT 10 and Pantene Expressions
Playtex® Gentle Glide® Slender Applicator
On-the-go drink mixes
Benefiber Fiber Supplement
* Dads get FREE ice cream on Fathers day at TCBY
* This weekend and buy $100 of Men's Docker's clothing or accessories (excluding shoes) at Sears and get $75 in gas from Shell FREE!
* $5.00 off $5.00 purchase at Khols click HERE to get your coupon
*Free Johnson & Johnson new baby kit - Call 1-866-565-2229. (This is an automated call. To see what's in the kit Here.
*Free bottle of Country Bob's Sauce click here
*Free Krispy Kreme donut print a coupon here.
*Free Copy of Billy Graham's "The Holy Spirit" book click here.

The Best Day Ever!

OMG!!!! This is the greatest day ever, well besides the birth of my son and the day I married my husband but it is pretty close lol! I picked up my prescription and got a $25.00 gift card yea!!!! Earlier this week when I was checking out a coupon printed out at the registrar for a $25.00 gift card with any new or transferred prescription. I just so happen to have a new prescription that needed to be filled so today when I went to go pick it up I gave the cashier the coupon I had received and she handed me this BEAUTIFUL $25.00 GIFT CARD isn't she pretty!
Hopefully I can use this Free $25.00 to buy $100.00 worth of stuff.

CVS BoGo Deal

This week at CVS Deal Dove Shampoo and Conditioner BOGO.

$4.99 each use 2/ $1.50 off coupons from last Sundays paper final cost $1.99 for both.

You could also use 2/ $2.00 off coupons from last Sundays paper making the $.99 for both but I had already used mine on much needed soap.

Deal or Dud!!!

I bought this kitchen spritzer awhile back and I just now got around to giving it a try. The Pampered Chef sales representative compared it Crisco or Pam cooking spray it retails for $10.50 and a can of Pam or Crisco sells for around $2 to $3.00 each . It is designed for you to use regular vegetable oil, all you have to do is pump and spray and it is refillable. So for the sake off frugality I decided to give it a try. I looked over the instruction and followed them word for word, I filled the container up with vegetable oil pumped and sprayed it in the skillet. I started cooking my eggs and as soon as the eggs started to cook they started to stick! What a mess the eggs were so stuck to the pan I had to let the pan soak for awhile in order to get it clean. So the handy Kitchen spritzer failed with cooking eggs. I also tried it with pizza and got the same result.

This product was a DUD for me I was not at all impressed and there goes $10.50 down the drain, maybe I can get creative and find a different use for it!!!!!! Good news though in last Sundays paper there was a coupon for Crisco cooking spray YEA!!!! I bought 2 :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello my name is Mommy and I will be your Hairstylist today!

Some Mommas are so blessed to get to stay at home with there babes everyday but for allot of us we have no choice but to continuing working. After I had my son I took three months off to stay at home with him but unfortunately that time went by way to quick! I returned to my Job and was working full time everyday when I got home I was so tired I didn't have much left to give. After being back at work for a month we decided something had to change so I left the Salon I had been working at since I graduated beauty school and went to work for myself. Being my own boss is wonderful it has given me the opportunity to work part time and be with my son most of the time. I felt it was very important that I am with him more days than I was at work. Even though I only work a few days a week I still struggle sometimes with balancing my work life and my home life. I think any mother who works wishes they had just a few more hours each day to get everything done. Here are a 10 tips that help keep me from getting overwhelmed.
1. Don't sweat the small stuff- I don't think I need to explain this as mothers we all know what that saying means.
2. Don't overbook your self or your children- It is ok to have them in a few planned activities each week but not everyday, children as well as you need time to chill.
3. Pick up as you go- My mother always says if you don't let you house get dirty you wont have to clean it, well that is easy to say if you don't have a 17 month old lol!
4. When your kids are napping relax- When my son sleeps its my time to sit on the sofa catch up on my Tivo and Blog, Don't use this time for cleaning just enjoy the interrupted quiet.
5. Make a list- When I actually do take the time to make a list it is really helpful to me. Since I was a child I have struggled with ADD so list making is a helpful tool for me but most the time I end up losing my list hahaha!
6. Rotisserie Chicken- Wal-mart sells these for $5.00 and they are a life saver, you can make yummy meals from them and you don't have to cook. This is a regular on our shopping list and if I have a really full week sometimes I will by two of them.
7. Treat your self- Being a mom is a very selfless thing, we want are kids to have it all and we don't do anything for ourselves. It doesn't take much just a cute shirt from Target once and awhile does the trick for me.
8. Snuggle with your husband- Remember before you had kids and yall were the only people each other had to cuddle up next to :) Don't lose that snuggle time it will keep a smile on your face, it does mine!
9. Most of the time it can Wait till tomorrow- AKA Laundry, Dishes.........I am not saying live in filth but don't make cleaning your number one priority, we already know what that should be.
10. Don't worry about what other people think- You don't have to keep up with Joneses be happy and grateful with all the wonderful blessing you have in your life.

My $10 Target Challenge

Not allot of Freebies in the mail today but that is ok cause my trip to Target made up for it! Here was my challenge I had $10 to spend on as many great deals as I could find. With the help of Sisterly Savings, Keeping the Kingdom First, Money Saving Moms and a little planning I was on my way to big savings. Here is what I got......

*3 Clorox wipes (trial size) $.99each - $1.00 of any3 Clorox 6/8 insert- final cost$1.97
*2 Tide 2x Ultra (trail size) $.99each- 2/ $.35 off coupon 6/1 insert- final cost $.64 each
*2 Oral B Floss $.97each- 2/$1.00 off one floss coupons 6/1 insert final cost FREE
*2 Colgate total $2.94each- 2/$1.50 off coupon 6/1 stacked with $1.00 off target coupon here
final cost $.54 each
*2 Satin Care shave cream (trail size) $.99 each- 2/$.55 off coupon 6/1 insert- final cost $.34 each
*2 Gold Bond Foot Powder (trail size) $.99each- 2/$1.00 of coupon 6/1 insert- final cost FREE
*1 Johnson Buddies Soap $.94- $1.00 off coupon print here - final cost FREE
*1 Johnsons Baby shampoo (trail size) $.89- $1.00 off coupon print here
*1 Scotch Fur Fighter $9.99- $4.00 of coupon print here stacked with $4.00 off Target coupon print here (this is a awesome deal) final cost $1.99
*4 Muri Glen tomato paste $1.09 each- $1.00 coupon here -final cost $.09 each
*3 Pillsbury Biscuits $.55 each- 1.00 off any 3 refrigerated Pils Baked goods 5/25 insert- final cost$.65
*2 Gerber Graduates $.64 each- 1.00 of any two Grads Target coupon- final cost $.28


Yea!!!! That was fun! Now I have to make a confession I really lost this challenge cause on a separate transaction I bought myself a dress, a shirt, and some Sponge Bob Band aids for my sweet baby boy cause he got his little finger bit by a Parrot yesterday (even though we have 100 CVS band aids at home) . I am new at this whole frugal living thing, CURSE YOU TARGET for having such cute clothes at such cheap prices how is a girl suppose to resist!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 FREE Photos from Wal-mart

If you are anything like me you never develop any photos. With digital cameras, uploading and emailing photos it seems I never have a reason to visit the photo counter. That is why I was so excited to see this offer!

Now get 10 free photo prints at your Wal-Mart Digital Photo Center when you purchase any participating Kellogg’s®, Keebler®, Cheez-It® or Eggo® products.
Visit your local Wal-Mart store to pick up the specially marked products listed below and receive a package code for 10 free 1-Hour Photo prints. Whether it’s your once-in-a-lifetime family vacation, a fishing trip or everyday shots of your loved ones, capture those memories forever. Expires 6/01/09.