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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I love free magazines!!!

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those magazines people leave on the plane!

One off my clients is a flight attendant takes the magazine she finds to 1/2 price Books and sells them, that is very smart way to turn another persons trash into cash :). But my sweet momma who is also a flight attendant gives all the magazines she finds to me for my Little Shop of Hair so all my beautiful clients can enjoy them! This saves me tons of money and I love getting caught up on all the latest celebrity gossip for FREE........

Thanks mom!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

First - I followed you from a comment you made on Keeping the Kingdom First.

This post caught my attention because I get a boatload of free magazines from a variety of programs (like this one) - sometimes as many at 60 subscriptions per month. Women's Day, Ladies Home Journal, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Entrepreneur, PC Magazine, Family Fun, and on and on. I used to recycle them to the gym but I overwhelmed them so now I donate them to the library. I never considered taking them to the 1/2 price bookstore. There's a paperback reseller nearby and I'll check to see if they take in magazines! Thanks!