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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My $10 Target Challenge

Not allot of Freebies in the mail today but that is ok cause my trip to Target made up for it! Here was my challenge I had $10 to spend on as many great deals as I could find. With the help of Sisterly Savings, Keeping the Kingdom First, Money Saving Moms and a little planning I was on my way to big savings. Here is what I got......

*3 Clorox wipes (trial size) $.99each - $1.00 of any3 Clorox 6/8 insert- final cost$1.97
*2 Tide 2x Ultra (trail size) $.99each- 2/ $.35 off coupon 6/1 insert- final cost $.64 each
*2 Oral B Floss $.97each- 2/$1.00 off one floss coupons 6/1 insert final cost FREE
*2 Colgate total $2.94each- 2/$1.50 off coupon 6/1 stacked with $1.00 off target coupon here
final cost $.54 each
*2 Satin Care shave cream (trail size) $.99 each- 2/$.55 off coupon 6/1 insert- final cost $.34 each
*2 Gold Bond Foot Powder (trail size) $.99each- 2/$1.00 of coupon 6/1 insert- final cost FREE
*1 Johnson Buddies Soap $.94- $1.00 off coupon print here - final cost FREE
*1 Johnsons Baby shampoo (trail size) $.89- $1.00 off coupon print here
*1 Scotch Fur Fighter $9.99- $4.00 of coupon print here stacked with $4.00 off Target coupon print here (this is a awesome deal) final cost $1.99
*4 Muri Glen tomato paste $1.09 each- $1.00 coupon here -final cost $.09 each
*3 Pillsbury Biscuits $.55 each- 1.00 off any 3 refrigerated Pils Baked goods 5/25 insert- final cost$.65
*2 Gerber Graduates $.64 each- 1.00 of any two Grads Target coupon- final cost $.28


Yea!!!! That was fun! Now I have to make a confession I really lost this challenge cause on a separate transaction I bought myself a dress, a shirt, and some Sponge Bob Band aids for my sweet baby boy cause he got his little finger bit by a Parrot yesterday (even though we have 100 CVS band aids at home) . I am new at this whole frugal living thing, CURSE YOU TARGET for having such cute clothes at such cheap prices how is a girl suppose to resist!!!!


Alyssa said...

That is so great! You made $10 go much farther than most people do. I am super proud!

April said...

Thanks I am learning from the best lol!