"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello my name is Mommy and I will be your Hairstylist today!

Some Mommas are so blessed to get to stay at home with there babes everyday but for allot of us we have no choice but to continuing working. After I had my son I took three months off to stay at home with him but unfortunately that time went by way to quick! I returned to my Job and was working full time everyday when I got home I was so tired I didn't have much left to give. After being back at work for a month we decided something had to change so I left the Salon I had been working at since I graduated beauty school and went to work for myself. Being my own boss is wonderful it has given me the opportunity to work part time and be with my son most of the time. I felt it was very important that I am with him more days than I was at work. Even though I only work a few days a week I still struggle sometimes with balancing my work life and my home life. I think any mother who works wishes they had just a few more hours each day to get everything done. Here are a 10 tips that help keep me from getting overwhelmed.
1. Don't sweat the small stuff- I don't think I need to explain this as mothers we all know what that saying means.
2. Don't overbook your self or your children- It is ok to have them in a few planned activities each week but not everyday, children as well as you need time to chill.
3. Pick up as you go- My mother always says if you don't let you house get dirty you wont have to clean it, well that is easy to say if you don't have a 17 month old lol!
4. When your kids are napping relax- When my son sleeps its my time to sit on the sofa catch up on my Tivo and Blog, Don't use this time for cleaning just enjoy the interrupted quiet.
5. Make a list- When I actually do take the time to make a list it is really helpful to me. Since I was a child I have struggled with ADD so list making is a helpful tool for me but most the time I end up losing my list hahaha!
6. Rotisserie Chicken- Wal-mart sells these for $5.00 and they are a life saver, you can make yummy meals from them and you don't have to cook. This is a regular on our shopping list and if I have a really full week sometimes I will by two of them.
7. Treat your self- Being a mom is a very selfless thing, we want are kids to have it all and we don't do anything for ourselves. It doesn't take much just a cute shirt from Target once and awhile does the trick for me.
8. Snuggle with your husband- Remember before you had kids and yall were the only people each other had to cuddle up next to :) Don't lose that snuggle time it will keep a smile on your face, it does mine!
9. Most of the time it can Wait till tomorrow- AKA Laundry, Dishes.........I am not saying live in filth but don't make cleaning your number one priority, we already know what that should be.
10. Don't worry about what other people think- You don't have to keep up with Joneses be happy and grateful with all the wonderful blessing you have in your life.

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