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Friday, June 13, 2008

Deal or Dud!!!

I bought this kitchen spritzer awhile back and I just now got around to giving it a try. The Pampered Chef sales representative compared it Crisco or Pam cooking spray it retails for $10.50 and a can of Pam or Crisco sells for around $2 to $3.00 each . It is designed for you to use regular vegetable oil, all you have to do is pump and spray and it is refillable. So for the sake off frugality I decided to give it a try. I looked over the instruction and followed them word for word, I filled the container up with vegetable oil pumped and sprayed it in the skillet. I started cooking my eggs and as soon as the eggs started to cook they started to stick! What a mess the eggs were so stuck to the pan I had to let the pan soak for awhile in order to get it clean. So the handy Kitchen spritzer failed with cooking eggs. I also tried it with pizza and got the same result.

This product was a DUD for me I was not at all impressed and there goes $10.50 down the drain, maybe I can get creative and find a different use for it!!!!!! Good news though in last Sundays paper there was a coupon for Crisco cooking spray YEA!!!! I bought 2 :)

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