"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My New Freezer

In our effort to try and be more energy efficient we have slowly been replacing old appliances. I will have a whole different post on the steps we have taken to go green at our house but for now I will just show you my new freezer.
Isn't she pretty! Our old deep freezer was given to us by my grandpal and although it serves its purpose well and still works it is not at all efficient. The old deep freezer was probably purchased 15 years ago or more so you can only imagine how much electricity it wasted to keep it running. We purchased our new freezer at Lowes for under $200. The new freezer is allot smaller than our old freezer, this way we can keep it in the utility room instead of the garage.I think it is perfect and I am so excited about it I just wanted to share it with all my bloggy friends.

Feezing foods

Coupon Moms buy stuff by when its on sale and stock up, this cuts down on the cost of there weekly grocery bill. Allot of foods can be frozen but the question is which ones are safe to freeze and which ones are not. I did my research abd this is what I found. You can freeze almost any food. Some exceptions are canned food or eggs in shells. However, once the food (such as a ham) is out of the can, you may freeze it.While pasteurized milk can be frozen; it may separate or be slightly grainy when thawed. You can freeze milk altough it is not suggested, frozen milk works best for cooking, but you may find it's still okay for drinking.
Being able to freeze food and being pleased with the quality after defrosting are two different things. Foods that do not freeze well are mayonnaise, cream sauce and lettuce. Raw meat and poultry freeze well and maintain their quality longer than their cooked meat because it loses mosture during cooking.
Food stored constantly at 0 °F will always be safe. Only the quality suffers with lengthy freezer storage. Freezing keeps food safe by slowing the movement of molecules, causing microbes to enter a dormant stage. Freezing preserves food for extended periods because it prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and foodborne illness.The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients. In meat and poultry products, there is little change in nutrient value during freezer storage.
Proper packaging helps maintain quality and prevent "freezer burn." It is safe to freeze meat or poultry directly in its supermarket wrapping but this type of wrap is permeable to air. Unless you will be using the food in a month or two, overwrap these packages as you would any food for long-term storage using airtight heavy-duty foil, (freezer) plastic wrap or freezer paper, or place the package inside a (freezer) plastic bag. Use these materials or airtight freezer containers to repackage family packs into smaller amounts. It is not necessary to rinse meat and poultry before freezing.
This information is just some helpfull tips and should not be used as health advice,You should futher research what items you plan to freeze.
Happy Labor Day Weekend Yall!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just for Laughs :)~

This is one of the Funniest Comercial I have ever seen! Anyone who has boys will laugh there tail off!!!!

Saturdays Specials

I have always been a shopaholic but now I don't feel guilty about it because I save so much money! Here are the awesome deals I picked up today.......

Tom Thumb

3 Wishbone Bountifulls $2.74 on sale $.99
used 2/$.75 off coupon insert, $.60 coupon insert
Total Value $8.22
Total OOP $.87
saved $7.35


(Last week I blew threw my ECBs so I started with paying more OOP than I usually do)
Tran 1
1 CoverGirl Wet Stick $5.99
used $1.00 off coupon insert
Total OOP $5.50
earned $5.99 ECB

Tran 2
1 Baby Orajel tooth paste $4.29 clearance $1.25
2 Colgate Total $2.99 each
1 Pampers Splashers $8.49 clearance $2.50
used 2/$1.00 Colgate coupon insert, $1.50 off Pampers Splashers from diaper pack, $5.99ECB
Total OOP $.24
earned $4 ECB

Tran 3
4 Sauve Body Wash $2.59 on sale $2.00
used 2 BOGO coupon insert, $4 ECB
total OOP $0
earned $2 ECB

Victoria Secrets & Bath & Body Works

2 Pair of Panties $7.50 each
used 2/Free coupon from mailer
OOP $0

1 2oz Body Lotion $3.50
used Free coupon mailer
OOP $0

Delena Ra

(Delena Ra is a little Boutique in the Salon I work at she has the cutest stuff)
1 Super Cute Sleeveless Shirt $68 marked Clearance $15
1 Super Cute button down shirt $46 Clearance $15
OOP $30

Todays Total Value $176.23
Todays Total OOP $36.61
Total Saved $139.62 AWESOME!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Poopoos PooPoo Chair!

There are big things happening in our house! Tonight we went to Target to pick up some more Sippy cups for Poopoo because now he is complety off the bottle, I know he should of been off the bottle several months ago but who cares. While we were at Target we decided to purchase Poopoo his own potty chair. They have several kinds of potty chairs to choose from, there is your basic potty chair that simply consist of a plastic stool with a removable cup, then there were pottys that light up and sing. We discussed what kind of chair would be best for Poopoo and decided to keep it simple. We don't really want to encourage him to play with the potty, that's kinda gross.
I set up his new potty chair in his bathroom. He has not yet seen it but I will keep you posted on what he thinks about it. Apart of me is excited about introducing him to his new chair but the other part of me could burst into tears at any moment. I would love to freeze time and keep my sweet Poopoo a baby forever but he is growing so fast and is so so smart. Lately my he has been letting me know when he has poopoo, he has only done it a couple of times but I see this as a turning point and that we should roll with it. We definitely will not be enforcing the Potty until he is ready, I really just want to introduce it to him and see what happens . I think if you try to push them to early it will only be harder on you and you little one.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walgreen Trip

I had time to kill between clients today so I ran across the street to Walgreens to see if there were any great deals.....

1 Huge box of Pampers Reg.$21.49 clearance $15.49
3 Sun Silk Conditioners Reg. $4.49 clearance $2.19
3 Glade Fabric Freshener Spray $3.99 on sale $3.49
used $1.50 off Pamper coupon insert, 3/$1.50 off Sun Silk coupon insert, 3/$1.50 off Glade fabric Fresh coupon insert, $1.50 off Fabric fresh Walgreen coupon (located on self)

Total Value $49.93
Total OOP $17.53
Total Saved $32.40

Now this Deal would have been even sweeter had I known about the $10 off $40 starting tomorrow but hey you cant complain to much about saving or than 60%.

Walgreens coupon

There is a new Walgreens coupon out for $10 off $40. I don't know if I will be taking advantage of this seeing as I just went to Walgreens Today and $40 is a big transactions. Unless I can get really crafty:)~ Get your $10 off $40 HERE.

September All You

Al you is one of my favorite coupon sources I subscribe to it and got my September issue in the mail today. It is packed full of great coupons! Wal-Mart sells these magazines for $1.77 but they pay for themselves believe me. You can get two FREE trial issues HERE.

Here is a complete list of coupons in Septembers All You Issue..........

Bayer free Contour Meter with prescription expires 12/31/08

$1.00 off Birdseye C&W Vegetables expires 11/7/08

$1.00 off Birdseye Voila Varieties expires 10/31/08

$1.00 off Brut expires 11/30/08

$1.50 off Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Advanced Clean or Total Advanced Toothpaste expires1-31-09

$1.00 off Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste expires 1/31/09

$1.00 Colgate Manual or 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush expires 1/31/09

$1.00 off Flexitol expires 12/31/08

$.35 off Halls bag expires 12/31/08

$.75 off/2 Hunts Snack Pack expires 12/31/08

$2.00 off Jane any Be Pure Mineral Item excluding trial expires 10/31/08

$1.00 off Jergens Naturals or Jergens Moisturizer or any Natural Glow Moisturizer expires 12/31/08

$1.00 off John Frieda expires 11/30/08

$1.00 off Kellogg's Smart Start Cereal (14.7oz) expires 12/31/08

$2.00 off Kibbles 'n Bits expires 10/23/08

$1.00 off Kotex expires 10/31/08

$.75 off Little Debbie Family Pack Muffin varieties expires 12/31/08

$3.0 off Made of Honor DVD expires 10/31/08

$.55 off Marzetti Apple Dip (12oz) expires 11/30/08

$2.99 refund formor $5 in coupons Orville Redenbacher expires 12/31/08

$.75 of Palmolive Pure + Clear Liquid Dish Soap expires 1/31/09

$.50 off Peter Pan Peanut Butter expires 12/31/08

$1.00 off Pure & Natural Body Wash, Liquid Hand or Bar Soap expires 12/31/08

$2.00 off Purina Fit & Trim expires 11/1/08

$2.00off Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara expires 10/31/08

$1.00 off Sani-Hands or Sani-Hands for Kids expires 12/31/08

BOGO Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna expires 11/30/08

$1.00 off Tyson Any'tizers Snacks expires 11/30/08

$.50 off Underwood expires 10/31/08

$.50 off White Cloud Green Earth Bathroom Tissue expires 12/31/08

$2.00 off Whole Body Cleanse or Lutra Liver Cleanse expires 11/30/08

$.75 Windex Antibacterial Multi Surface Cleaner or Wipes Canister expires 11/30/08

It is a great idea to print this list and tape to each of your All You copies so that you do not have to clip every single coupon, that way you can mark them out as you go.
(There is also some super cute Halloween decorating ideas that I plan to do :)~

Kroger Trip

A Quick Tripp to Kroger today to pick up some K-U and T-P.........

4 Cottonelle Toilet Paper $1.19 each
4 Hunts Ketchup on sale 10/$10
2 Wacky Mac $1.49 each
used 4 $.50 Cottonelle coupon insert- doubled, 4 $.20 Hunts coupon- tripled
2 Wacky Mac coupon insert ( I was hoping these would double but they didn't )

Total Value $11.74
Total OOP $4.34
Total Saved $7.40

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Disapointing trip to Albertsons!!!

I feel like I need to vent!
So here I go.... Today after receiving my grocery ads in the mail I sorted threw them and decided Albertsons was my store of choice this week. I mapped out my game plan, calculator in hand and headed off to my local Albertsons to pick up so great steals. I purchased 4 Kraft Ranch dressing because it was apart of a deal they have going on this week, I used 4 of my All you Magazine coupons making them free plus giving me a little overage.
After My shopping adventure I ran home! I was so excited about all the great stuff I had gotten! As usual I displayed it all out so that I can take a picture for all my bloggy friends. I noticed when I was arranging my Kraft Dressing that the sell by date said Aug 22, 2008 "wait" I checked my phone to see what date it was. "Yuk these have been expired for 5 days". I was a little irritated!The dressing kinda put a spoil on my great deal "literally". I called Albertsons The manager was super nice and very apologetic she told me she would be happy to exchange them. I waited for my husband to get home so that I wouldn't have to pack up the baby for a quick trip to exchange some ranch dressing. I returned to Albertsons 5 hours later, I left my old ranch at the costumer service counter and proceeded to get four new ranches. When I got to the dressing isle and started digging threw the 30 ranch bottles that were out on the self I was only able to find four that had not already expired "WHAT". You would of thought after getting off the phone with me five hours prior to that somebody would have removed the old rotten ranch from the self. Oh and it gets even worse "I hope you don't have a weak stomach". I saw several Ranch dressings that had expired on July 13 "COME ON". I am not a picky person when it comes to be sell by date I Will usually use it for awhile after, you know when food is bad. But this is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like I need to write a letter or something I cant even imagine how many people have paid full price for that spoiled dressing GRRRR. I would put money on it if I were to visit Albertsons again tomorrow they would still have that expired ranch dressing sitting out on there selves.
With all that said this does not mean that I will no longer be shopping at Albertsons. It does mean I will be a little more cautious when I purchase from them. I was really disappointed but I feel much better now that I got that off my chest....

Albertsons Trip

Ok Between the Peanut Butter I bough last week and the Marshmallows I bought today I should be set for my Holiday baking!

4 Kraft Ranch Dressing $2.69 on sale $2.00 each ( I was really disappointed with Albertsons when I got home and looked at the sell by date and all 4 expired 5 days ago YUK! but I called them and they said to bring them back and they would gladly exchange them)
2 Hormel Chicken chunks $1.69 each
2 Jello Singles $2.39 on sale $1.50 each
4 Boxes of Nabisco Animal Crackers $1.39 on sale 10/$10
2 Loafs of Sara Lee Bread $2.39 on sale $1.99 each
4 Jet Puff Marshmallows $1.49 each on sale 10/$10
2 Kraft bag of shredded cheese $4.49 on sale 2/$6
1 Land o Frost Lunch Meat $3.49 on sale $3.00
used 4/ Free Ranch w/purchase of 4 Kraft or Nabisco product All you mag, 2/$.35 off Hormel Chunk meat coupon insert, 2/$.55 off Jello Singles coupon insert, 2/$.75 off 2 Nabisco cookie coupon inert, 2 Free Bread coupon insert, $.55 off Land o Frost coupon insert, got $5 off for purchasing 10 participating products.

Total Value $47.69
Total OOP $13.11
Total Saved $34.58

Wordless Wednesday

It has been along time since Poopoo has seen his old walker. When Poopoo was 8 months old he spent about 75% of his time cruising the house in his beloved walker. Sadly the day came when he got to big for it and I had to pack it away. Earlier this week when I was pulling everything out of his closet to reorganize it I pulled out his walker. You would of thought it was Christmas morning at our house Poopoo was so excited to see all his old stuff and insisted on me putting him in his old walker.

He was way to Big for it, He couldn't sit down because his knees touched the ground.....

He Made one lap around the house then decided he was done.

For More Wordless Wednesday Fun visit 5 Minutes for Mom

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

This Tuesday was a HUGE TACKLE! My sons closet was out of control! I have continued to pile stuff in there as he grows out of it. I also store all the diapers and wipes in his closet but with so much stuff crammed in there they were hard to get to. I decide it was time to Tackle this enormous project with my husbands help. I am a little embarrassed to show y'all the before picture.(I Promise we are not messy people!)

First Thing was to Pull everything out of the closet... Then My Handy Man Built Poopoo some shelves...

WooHoo look what I found in all that mess..... Then I sorted all that crap uhh I mean stuff....
Finally Finished.....Yes you can actually see the floor.....

For More Tackle it Tuesday fun visit 5 Minutes for Mom

Tuesdays trip to Target

Stocked up on Juice boxes.....
8 Juicy Juice 8ct Juice Boxes on sale 2/$3.50
used 8/ $1.00 off Juicy Juice coupon insert or printable HERE, 4/ $1.00 off 2 Target coupon insert (SS two sundays ago)- Final cost $.25 each
Total Value $14
Total OOP $2
Total Saved $12

Monday, August 25, 2008

Deal or Dud!!!

This Deal or Dud I tested Space Bag. Space Bag claim to triple your storage space protect against bugs, dust, mildew, odors, and water....

Anyone who has kids knows how fast they grow out of there clothes. Since we are going to have more children instead of getting rid of all Poopoos old clothes I pack them away to save for the next crazy baby. Storing can be a problem with a limited amount of space. After watching a As seen on TV commercial I decided I would give Space Bag a try. I purchased my Space Bags at Walmart for $9.99. In one box I got 3 Large size Bags. The Space Bags come in several different sizes, they even have hanging bags which I plan to purchase to store my Wedding Dress. All you have to do is simply fill the Space Bag with the items you plan to store then using a vacuum suck out the air from the bag. If you don't have a vacuum it also has instruction on how to roll the air out. For more information you can check out Space Bags website HERE.

The Test.....

The Result....

So What Do I think? These Space Bag are defiantly a DEAL!!!

One Last Trip to Albertsons

I am usaully more of a Kroger fan than Albertsons but this week Albertsons takes the cake!!!!

Tran 1
10 Kid Cuisine Entree $2.59 each on sale 3/$5
used 5/$1.00 off 2 All You coupon, $5 off $20 Albertson ad coupon
OOP $8.34

Tran 2
4 Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2.99 on sale 5/$10 ( I know I already bought 6 things of peanut butter at Walgreens this week but i cant pass up a good deal and besides I do allot of baking during the holidays :)
2 Hunts Pudding $1.59 on sale 10/$10
6 Camblells Microwave Singles $1.29 on sale 10/$10
1 Loaf Sara Lee Bread $2.39
1 Meow Mix Cat Food $.99
used 4/$1.00 off Peter Pan All You coupon, 1 $.30 off pudding coupon insert- tripled, 2$.35 off Cambells coupon insert- trippled, 1 Free Sara Lee bread coupon insert, 1 Free Meox Mix coupon insert, $5off $20 ALbertsons Ad coupon

Total Value $52.16
Total OOP $11.52
Total Saved $40.64 WOOHOO!!!!

Free PlugIns at Walmart

Great Walmart Prices mixed with Coupons means lots of cheap or even FREE stuff!

3 Jello Pudding
$.78 each
1 Kraft Ranch Dressing $1.58
2 Friskies Cat Food $1.52 each
5 Glade PlusIns Oil Warmer $3.94 each
used 5/$4.00 off Glade coupon insert, 2/free Friskie coupon insert, 1 Free Dressing with purchase of 3 kraft product All you insert

Total Value $26.66
Total OOP $2.04
Total Saved $24.62

Friday, August 22, 2008

This a Great Week for Stocking up!

I keep telling myself that I am done for the week but there are so many great deals out there that I just cant pass up (yes I am a couponaholic). I made a couple more stops today I wanted to use my $5/$25 at Walgreen's. I am also a DrPepperaholic so I had to go to Target and pick up some DP (Thanks Melissa & Melony for the heads up) I am also going to make one last trip to Albertsons tomorrow and then I promise that is it lol!!!!
2 Pampers Cruiser
on sale $9.49
Dove Shampoo & Conditioner $4.99 for both
used $5/$20 HERE, 2/$2 off Dove coupon insert, 2/$1.50 off Pampers coupon insert

Total Value $28.96
Total OOP $12.96
Total Saved $16.00

That Means the Pampers were only $6 a pack Cheap for Pampers!!!

I Heart Target !


Tran 1
10 12 Packs of Dr Pepper (I Love these:)~ on sale 5/$15
used 10 $1.00 off 12 pack Target Coupon HERE
OOP $21.91
earned 2/$5.00 Gift Cards

Tran 2
5 Bowl Appetite $1.59 each
1 Glade Plug in Scented Oil $3.94
4 Huggies Clean Team $2.24 each
1 Pack of Luvs on sale $6.99
used 5/$1.00 off Bowl appetite HERE, #1.00 off Luvs Target coupon HERE, $4 off Glade coupon insert, 2/ $3.00 off clean team, $1.00 off Luvs coupon mailer HERE, 2/$5 Gift Cards
OOP $1.33

Total Value $57.84
Total OOP $23.24
Total Saved $34.60 AWESOME!!!!!

All You JackPot!!!!!

If you have not already purchased the August addition of All You Magazine I suggest you run out and grab a few. This months All You is a Gold Mine of coupons I bought 4 at Wal-Mart for $1.77 per issue. This may seem like allot but it more than payed for itself with one trip to Walgreen's. You can get two Free Trial Issues HERE.

Here is a list off all the great coupons it contains.....

$1 off 1 All small and mighty 3x - 09/26/0810)
$1 off Two Tyson Frozen Breaded Boxed or one Bagged item. - 10/31/0812)
$0.75 off 1 Jiff to go - 11/30/0827) $1 off any Kotex product. - 09/30/0829)
$1 off and ban product 1.5 fl oz or larger. - 09/15/0831)
$0.75 off any single pack or multipack Trident Xtra Care gum - 10/31/0839)
$2 offany one Abaya or Hydrolage hair care product - 10/31/0847)
3 off any 2 Neutrogena Cosmetics Products - 09/12/0853)
$1 off any Orville Redenbackers Popcorn Cakes - 08/28/0857)
$3 off any Visine product 1/2 FL OZ or larger - 12/31/0865)
$1 off any Emerald Breakfast on the Go! 6 pouch carton. - 11/01/0871)
$1 off any Nature Made Liqued Softgel - 10/31/200883)
BOGO 1.8oz single Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds (up to $0.79) - 09/12/0884)
$1 off any size Peter Pan Peanut Butter. (coupon is on insert) - 08/29/0884)
$1 off any two Kid Cuisine (coupon is on insert) - 08/29/0889)
$1 off Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Minis - 12/31/08108)
$0.75 off any 1 package of Dole Fruit Parfaits. - 10/31/08111)
$0.50 off package of 6 White Castle (Cheese)Burgers - 10/31/08115)
$1 off one package of Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats Blueberry Muffin Cereal (16 oz or larger) -10/31/08119)
$1 off any 1 Farm Rich Product - 12/31/08122)
$0.55 off 1 box of Smuckers Uncrustables Sandwiches - 12/31/08122)
$0.55 off any two SunnyD Chilled Products - 11/30/08122)
$1 off any two varieties Del Monte Fruit Chillers - 09/27/08128)
$1 off any 1 T.G.I.F. Complete skillet meals - 09/30/08128)
$1 off any 2 T.G.I.F. frozen snacks. - 09/30/08129)
$1 off any 4 Boston Market frozen entrees. - 09/30/08129)
$1 off any 2 Ore-Ida frozen potatoes (20 oz or larger) - 09/30/08130)
Purchase 5 Weight Watcher Smart One products get free dessert - 09/30/08132)
$2.50 off any size BIZ product. - 12/31/08136)
$1 off any 1 Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain and Odor eliminator - 10/31/08143)
One day pass to Sam's Club - 08/31/08149)
$1 off any one Glade Fabric & Air Odor eliminator. - 11/30/2008151)
$1 off any 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners - 11/30/08155)
Buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and get Free Nabisco Wheat thin Crackers (up to $4.50) - 09/30/08159)
Buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and get Free 16 oz Kraft Dressing (up to $3.20) - 09/30/08159)
Buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and get Free Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (up to $4.51) - 09/30/08159)
Buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and get Free Crystal Light (up to $4.50) - 09/30/08159)
Buy any 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and get Free Kraft Singles (12 oz) (up to $4.00) - 09/30/08165)
$2 off any MiraLAX product - 10/31/08174)
$2 off on Whole Body Cleanse - 11/30/08181)
$0.50 off any 1 BUNdinos 7oz or larger - 09/30/08183)
$1.50 on any 32 oz Greased Lightning cleaning product - 10/31/08

A Great Thing to do is print this list and paste it on the front of each copy and each time you remove a coupon from the magazine mark it off the list that way you don't have to clip every coupon.

200th Post

This Is My 200th Post!!!!!!!

For those of you who know me personally this comes as no surprise that I have written 200 post in 2 1/2 months. I like to talk ALLOT! I started blogging at the beginning of June and wasn't sure at first what I would blog about, I knew I wanted to post all my great deals but I never realized how much I love to talk I mean Blog lol! Thank you to all my new bloggy friends for leaving all your sweet comments it keeps me motivated!

Happy 200th LiTtLe ApRiL bIg WoRlD!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

$5.00 Off $20 Walgreen Coupon

Walgreen's Just Wants me to have it all.... This week they provided me with Cheap Breakfast food (Cheerios, Blueberry Muffins and Milk:), Now they are giving me this Awesome coupon to use Friday and Saturday for $5.00 off $20 purchase. Who Knows maybe this will buy lunch and dinner, oh wait I already got those this week as well! ( Peanut Butter & Spaghetti Sauce:), :),

Get your coupon HERE

Oh Sweet Addiction!!!

My Dearest Coupons how do I love the? Let me count the ways...one one-thousand.....two one-thousand.....three one-thousand!!!!!!!
I finished off my week a savings with some really great deals.......
First Stop CVS
12 Glade Air fresheners $1.89 on sale $.88
used 6 BOGO coupon inserts, $2/$10 CVS coupon

Total Value $22.68
Total OOP $3.55
Total Saved $19.13

Next Albertsons to use the last of my Puffs coupons

3 Puffs Facial Tissues $1.49 on sale 10/$10 used 3/$.25 off coupon insert

Total value $4.47
Total OOP $.81
Total Saved $3.66

Last But Defiantly not least Walgreen's

Tran 1
12 Jello Packs $1.19 each
4 boxes Wheat Thins
$2.50 each
used 4/ buy 3 Kraft product get free Wheat Thins from All You Mag, 1/$.39 Walgreen's Ad Jello coupon
OOP $4.68
earned $3 RR

Tran 2
2 Cheerios Cereal on sale $1.99
2 Preparation H 10 pack Wipes $3.99
1 Gallon Milk $3.99
used 2/$1.00 off Cheerios Challenge coupon, 2/$3.oo off Prep-h coupon HERE, $2.00 off Prep-H Easy Eaver coupon, $3.00 RR from 1st Tran.
OOP $.95

Total Value $40.23
Total OOP $5.63
Total Saved $34.60

Today's Awesome Totals
Value $67.38
OOP $9.99
Saved $57.39 WOOOHOOO!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Albertsons Trip

8 Hunts Pudding Snack Packs $1.59 on sale 10/$10

12 Chef Boyardee Microwave induviduals $1.29 on sale 10/$10

1 Loaf of Sara Lee bread $2.39

3 Puff Facial Tissues $1.49 on sale 10/$10

3 Meox Mix $.99

used: 4/$.35 off 3 ChefBoy coupon insert- trippled, 4/$.30 off 2 pudding coupon insert-trippled, 3 free Meow Mix coupon, 1 Free Sara Lee coupon insert, 3/$.25 off Klenex- trippled, Coupon from this week Albertsons ad $5 off $20 participating products (must have coupon)

Total Value $38.03
Total OOP $8.25
Total Saved $29.78 AWESOME!!!!

This sounds Funny!

Tonight my son was crying pointing at the medicine cabinet because he wanted another Vitamin. They make kids vitamins taste like candy, his are the gummy kind coated in what taste like sugar. He was making a big fuss saying "peese peese" and I said "no sir you can only have one a day" I know I am so mean. He continue to cry and through a fit and although I know I shouldn't I said "No sir, you cant have a vitamin but you can have another cookie" LOL does this sound strange to anyone else.

Trina over at Fabulously Frugalicious had a cute post today about her trip to the snack machine. What is my favorite snack machine indulgence? Well Trina if you want to see me throw my self on the floor and act like my son did over his vitamins just deny me these........... Powdered Donuts. My one and only weakness (well besides Dr. Pepper)

What is your favorite Snack machine Indulgence?

Wordless Wednesday #2

A couple of weeks ago I had some girlfriends and there kiddos over for a play date. I brought out Poopoos old Bumbo chair for his little buddy to try out and Poopoo was a little unsure about sharing his old chair......
Happy Wednesday!!!!!

Friday came early!!!

Since I have skipped out the last two Freebie Friday here is large does of some awesome Freebies........

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash HERE

Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Coloring Book HERE

New Bounce Awakenings HERE

Free Sample of Yanabah Tea HERE

Free Snausages Dog Treats HERE

Recycled Post-It Sample HERE

Sundance Organic Tea Sample HERE

Alway Infinity Sample HERE

Degree for Men Sample HERE

Free Donkey Ollie DVD (religious DVD) for Kids HERE

Sunslilk Sample HERE

Head & Shoulders Sample HERE

And of Coarse Lots of great great samples available at Walmart.com

Store sales Online with just a click of your mouse....

I am soooo excited about this even if that does make me a big dork!!!! You can now see all you local store circulars on one website just by typing in your zip code. Smart Source.com has listed all your local grocery adds in an easy to read format, you can sort it by What type of item you are looking for or by store. It tells you the sale price, what it is originally priced and when the sale ends. No more waiting for the post man on Wednesday. Thanks Comical Coupon Cents for originally posting this :)

Wordless Wednesday

This was me and my Sweet Hubby on our 3rd date. Obviously way before I was a hairstylist "Look at those roots LOL". I cant believe this was taken almost 10 years......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I won an Award!

Melinda over at The Nest Egg has given me this very sweet award!

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.

I nominate the following blogs....

Penny Pinching Parent _ Always has the best deals on Diapers
The Coupon Diva- She just recently had a new baby so I am patiently waiting for her comeback
Mommy Minded- I love her great ideas for so many different things
Keeping a Float...Most Days- She is due to pop out a kid in like four days but keeps on blogging :)
Confessions of an Apron Queen- She has a great eye
Escape Into My Thoughts- She has the best sense of humor

Tacke it Tuesday

Yet another week and another Tackle it Tuesday over at 5 Minutes for Mom. This weeks Tackle it Tuesday I decided it was time to organize my craft supplies. Inspired by a post at Comical Coupon Cents about her friends Scrapbook closet I got busy.........
I use to Keep all my craft supplies and gift wrap in our tiny hall closet. I had a Large Rubbermaid Drawer set that at one point was somewhat organized but over the years has gotten out of control. My first step was to pull all my craft stuff out of the closet.....
Then I had to sort threw all the stuff, I had not realized the amount of Craft supplies I had acquired until I started going threw it all. Not being able to clearly see my supplies each time I started a new project I would buy the same stuff over and over again. Now that I am organized I can see what I have and where everything is. I am super excited about the way it turned out..... I purchased this book shelf at Walmart for only $27. The Storage bins were 2/$11 at Target and all the other organizing tools were $3 or less at Target.