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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Albertsons Trip

8 Hunts Pudding Snack Packs $1.59 on sale 10/$10

12 Chef Boyardee Microwave induviduals $1.29 on sale 10/$10

1 Loaf of Sara Lee bread $2.39

3 Puff Facial Tissues $1.49 on sale 10/$10

3 Meox Mix $.99

used: 4/$.35 off 3 ChefBoy coupon insert- trippled, 4/$.30 off 2 pudding coupon insert-trippled, 3 free Meow Mix coupon, 1 Free Sara Lee coupon insert, 3/$.25 off Klenex- trippled, Coupon from this week Albertsons ad $5 off $20 participating products (must have coupon)

Total Value $38.03
Total OOP $8.25
Total Saved $29.78 AWESOME!!!!


Christine said...

Yeah there were some excellent deals at albertson's this week. I'm just glad I didn't use all of my coupons last week at kroger for the Snack Pack and Chef! (I did give some to Amber tho!) I'm going to have to go Friday, b/c there is an extra 10% off if you wear a cowboys jersey. It's not much but, 82 cents can make it far at CVS!

Good Haul!

Allie said...

Awesome haul! Their deals are so much better this week!

Jennifer said...

Awesome job! I should be making more of an effort in the sale/coupon department. You've inspired me!

Tasha said...

Great deals! I can't wait to go shopping Saturday and load up with some bargains from Dillons/Krogers! Eeek. I get to excited about this stuff seriously. I think I need coupon therapy! :)

April said...

I keep waiting for Scuba Special to post some of her great Deals :)
And Tasha we can tottaly do some therapy together lol!

Christine said...

Yeah I want to, I uually post them on myspace. For some reason I can't figure out this blogspot thing! I've only learned how to leave comments! I guess I will make this my weekend project!