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Friday, August 29, 2008

Poopoos PooPoo Chair!

There are big things happening in our house! Tonight we went to Target to pick up some more Sippy cups for Poopoo because now he is complety off the bottle, I know he should of been off the bottle several months ago but who cares. While we were at Target we decided to purchase Poopoo his own potty chair. They have several kinds of potty chairs to choose from, there is your basic potty chair that simply consist of a plastic stool with a removable cup, then there were pottys that light up and sing. We discussed what kind of chair would be best for Poopoo and decided to keep it simple. We don't really want to encourage him to play with the potty, that's kinda gross.
I set up his new potty chair in his bathroom. He has not yet seen it but I will keep you posted on what he thinks about it. Apart of me is excited about introducing him to his new chair but the other part of me could burst into tears at any moment. I would love to freeze time and keep my sweet Poopoo a baby forever but he is growing so fast and is so so smart. Lately my he has been letting me know when he has poopoo, he has only done it a couple of times but I see this as a turning point and that we should roll with it. We definitely will not be enforcing the Potty until he is ready, I really just want to introduce it to him and see what happens . I think if you try to push them to early it will only be harder on you and you little one.


Tena said...

good luck to him. My 3 year old still won't potty train, ack!! What's a mama to do, when he is ready he will be ready, until than I buy diapers time 2

Christine said...

Good luck with it! And I feel your anxiety! I don't want my baby to grow up either! Everytime I see him do something new, I shed a tear or two.

I have that same monkey rug! Hee, hee I love Target!

April said...

Tena I am Sure he will be 3 before this happens as well lol! Christine I love his monkey rug I revolved his whole bathroom around that one rug becuse I thought it was so stinkin cute!