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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Disapointing trip to Albertsons!!!

I feel like I need to vent!
So here I go.... Today after receiving my grocery ads in the mail I sorted threw them and decided Albertsons was my store of choice this week. I mapped out my game plan, calculator in hand and headed off to my local Albertsons to pick up so great steals. I purchased 4 Kraft Ranch dressing because it was apart of a deal they have going on this week, I used 4 of my All you Magazine coupons making them free plus giving me a little overage.
After My shopping adventure I ran home! I was so excited about all the great stuff I had gotten! As usual I displayed it all out so that I can take a picture for all my bloggy friends. I noticed when I was arranging my Kraft Dressing that the sell by date said Aug 22, 2008 "wait" I checked my phone to see what date it was. "Yuk these have been expired for 5 days". I was a little irritated!The dressing kinda put a spoil on my great deal "literally". I called Albertsons The manager was super nice and very apologetic she told me she would be happy to exchange them. I waited for my husband to get home so that I wouldn't have to pack up the baby for a quick trip to exchange some ranch dressing. I returned to Albertsons 5 hours later, I left my old ranch at the costumer service counter and proceeded to get four new ranches. When I got to the dressing isle and started digging threw the 30 ranch bottles that were out on the self I was only able to find four that had not already expired "WHAT". You would of thought after getting off the phone with me five hours prior to that somebody would have removed the old rotten ranch from the self. Oh and it gets even worse "I hope you don't have a weak stomach". I saw several Ranch dressings that had expired on July 13 "COME ON". I am not a picky person when it comes to be sell by date I Will usually use it for awhile after, you know when food is bad. But this is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like I need to write a letter or something I cant even imagine how many people have paid full price for that spoiled dressing GRRRR. I would put money on it if I were to visit Albertsons again tomorrow they would still have that expired ranch dressing sitting out on there selves.
With all that said this does not mean that I will no longer be shopping at Albertsons. It does mean I will be a little more cautious when I purchase from them. I was really disappointed but I feel much better now that I got that off my chest....


Vintage Mommy said...

That would have frustrated me and grossed me out, as well.

I love your blog, and that picture in your header is PRECIOUS! I just used this background on my sister's blog. She chose purple as an accent color, but I secretly wanted her to choose a mossy green. Very classy!

Amy said...

My mom was a fanatic about checking expiration dates on EVERYTHING. I do too, but only to a degree. I worked in a supermarket for 11 years and although the container has a date on it, that is just the date that it should be SOLD by. The product should STILL be good for a while, especially if its' something like dressing. Now if it were a dairy product that had to be refrigerated or something like that, then I would worry.
I know how you feel though, because when I buy my mayo, I get it with a date FAR in advance because it takes me a while to use it all. I am glad you vented, I would have been angry also.

Blog Stalker said...

I unfortunately have been the victim of expired food buying in the past. Nothing more frustrating! A letter is definitely not a bad idea. Sometimes they need to know.

It's not just albertsons, and definitely not just dressing.

Jennifer said...

That drives me absolutely crazy when I find expired products on the shelves!! But to go back 5 hours later and find that most of them are expired...that is crazy!! I agree with you!!