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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going Green!!!!!

We have made several steps in our house to be more energy efficient. This is a process that takes a little time and investing.Our house is only 4 years old so it is already pretty efficient but there are several things that anyone can to to help cut back on the amount of energy you use.
We have slowly been replacing old appliances, our refrigerator and other kitchen appliances are fairly new so thank goodness those do not have to be replaced (although a quieter dishwasher would be nice).
Awhile back the state of Texas was offering no sales tax on energy star appliances, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to replace a big ticket item, the washer and dryer. Our old washer and dryer was over 20 years old, we bought it from my husbands sister. The washer still worked but it only had one load size LARGE, so it wasted tons of water. The Dryer also worked but it took 3 times as long to dry a load of clothes. We bought an new Washer and Dryer from Sears it was TAX FREE so we saved several hundred dollars, we also bought the floor model because they were no longer going to carry that model. They gave us a huge discount for purchasing the floor model WOOHOO. We payed for both the washer and dryer what the Dryer would have originally cost us. We also recently replaced our deep Freezer. If your freezer is more than 10 years old you should probably replace it to help cut energy cost.

The Next Step we have taken was replacing all our light bulb with Energy Efficient ones, Now it is kinda costly to do this all at once, so just replacing a few at a time helps.
In our attic we have seven vents, although that seems like allot they don't help lower temperature in the attic. My handy husband replaced two of the vents with circular fans. There are all kinds of Attic ventilation system to use, we just needed something to suck the hot air out.

These two circular vent immediately droped to temp in our attic 20 degrees WOW! We, I mean my husband is also currently working on installing a radiant bearer in our attic. Radiant Bearers can block up to 95% of the suns heat.
Al these steps not only will overtime help our pocket book, but they will also help the environment.

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