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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Homemade Gift From the Heart

My sweet, super talented little boy painted Christmas ornaments for his Grandparents this year (I hope they aren't reading this). I purchased all the ceramic ornaments at Hobby Lobby, my favorite store! Hobby Lobby had tons of fun cheap craft ideas for the holidays.
Poopoo really enjoyed painting all the ornaments, we laid all six ornaments out on newspaper and painted using color at a time. It was so much fun! We will definitely do something like this again.

Here is the finished product. Aren't these the most beautiful Christmas ornaments you have ever seen? I hope all the Grandparents love them. Who wouldn't?


Amy said...

He really did a great job, they are cute :)

Becky said...

Very cute! I remember when we were little we painted ornaments in Sunday school, my grandmother still puts hers on her tree every year.

Proud Mommy said...

I would LOVE to receive this!!!