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Monday, February 8, 2010

Where a kid Can Be a Kid Coupon

Thanks Fiddledeedee for posting a new Chuck E Cheese's coupon. Go here to get Valentines day cards that are good for 5 free tokens. What a cute Idea for the kids to hand out on Valentines day.
My son went to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time a few weeks ago on his birthday. Lets just say HE LOVED IT! I invited 3 of his buddies to join us. I used a coupon out of smart source that included 1 large pizza, 4 adult size beverages, and 50 tokens for only $24.99. It was enough to feed everyone and I split the coins among the kiddos. I brought cupcakes and left over party decorations from his family Buzz Lightyear party. We got to sit in the party area since it was a Monday afternoon and even ChuckE himself payed us a visit. It was a fun CHEAP party for him and his friends.

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bananas. said...

aw yay!! so cute! i used to love chuck e. cheese growing up. looks like your baby boy had a blast!