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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poopoos favorite things!

My sweet boy has just a few things he is absolutely crazy about and ask for on a daily bases. It is amazing at the age of two that he has developed such an opinion and can no longer be easily tricked into something else. When the kid ask for Chocolate milk don't you dare bring him regular, trust me he knows the difference and has no problem expressing his feeling about it.

So obliviously that brings use to Poops first favorite thing........

Chocolate Milk or as he calls it Cha-Cha's

Poopoos next favorite thing is.......Chicken Nuggets, Paxton would eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we allowed it. But what kid doesn't like chicken nuggets!

His 3rd most favorite thing is.......

Blue's Clues! We use to be obsessed with Elmo but every since he has discovered Blue, Elmo is old news.

Finally I saved the best for last!!!! We don't dare leave home with out this...........

Floppy Lumpy aka "Numps". As you can tell by the looks of him this is Poops favorite stuffed animal. You cant even get it away from him long enough to throw Numps in the washing machine. Paxton is beyond obsessed with this stuffed animal, I just pray "Please Jesus don't ever let him lose it".

What is your Kiddos favorite things?


Sheliza said...

too cute! My sone William loves Blues Clues and pretty much EVERYthing on Noggin :)

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

You have been blessed by a wonderful family!!

God bless you all,

Mark Seay

ps - please consider following our blog.

Becky said...

My daughter who on Wednesday will be 14 has a rabbit that is pretty much hairless (who has always been called Kitty Kitty) now and a winnie the pooh blanket that used to be in her baby bed that has traveled with her everywhere. She now hides it from her friends who come over by placing them under her bed but the other evening when I came home from work I could tell that Bethany had been laying in my room and watching TV, so when I went to make the bed both Kitty Kitty and blanky was under my blankets. So the favorite things when they are little sometimes stay there favorite things and will hold so many memories.