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Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a Amature Photographer

Well I don't Know if I would say photographer but I am learning. Back in December my husband convinced me that we needed to invest in a nice camera. This took some really heavy convincing, I just couldn't grasp spending that much money on a camera. I can admit when I wrong, its the best purchase we have made in awhile. We choose the Cannon Rebel, I love it!!!!
Monday I took Paxton out to my Mamaw & Papaws who live in a charming 100 year old farm house in the country and took his 2 year pictures. They had so many neat places to take pictures on there property. I ended up taking around 750 pictures WOW! Using Photbucket I edited a few of my favorite pics. I am so proud of my pics I wanted to share. By the way I am no for hire lol!

(My mom took this last picture, its one of my most favorites :)


LYNDEE said...

wow those aer great wanna take picts of cade??? jk the one of yall is precious!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Those are awesome! I love photography and I could look at photos all day. I just wish I had more time to work with it.

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

these are incredible and I am sure lovin' the Texas pic.. cute Wordless and super cute invites too!!

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

just got your comment--that is so awesome about the craft night! dontcha just love muffin tins? hehe.. and aww, I have often wondered how far you and that little cutie live away from me!

Tena said...

amazing!! I love the one with him on the bench, and of course the one with the two of you! You two make a perfect team!