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Monday, February 16, 2009

I Knew he would love it.....Eventually!

I cant believe it has been a year since I purchased Poopoos Little Tikes 8 in 1 climber of Craig's list. My poor husband drove clear across the metroplex during rush hour traffic in the rain to go pick it up. If that wasn't bad enough when he got there it had not been disassembled yet so he had to take the whole thing apart just to get it in the bed of his truck. That is a good dad!

I had to have this 8 in 1 climber, I was just sure Paxton would love it! I searched and searched on Craig's List for it, there were lots of them but it must of been popular because every time I would email someone about there 8 in 1 I was to late. Finally I found this one, it was about a hour away from were we live and they wanted a little more than most people were asking but I didn't care, I had to have it!

Needless to say I might of jumped the gun just a little bit, Poops might of been a little young. For an entire year the overpriced 8 in 1 that my husband drove to Egypt to pick up sat in our back yard untouched, except when my husband had to move it to mow the grass lol!

Lately the weather around here has been beautiful so Poopoo has been playing out in the backyard allot and now that he is a big 2 year old he loves the 8 in 1 climber. He is all over it! Who cares if it sat there a year untouched he cant get enough of it now!


The Dorns said...

Cool playground, we used to have one when we bought our house and then I sold it and have had about 4 different types since then. We now have have the Rainbow playground. The kids have loved all of them no matter what we have back there for them to climb on though.

Good thing your son is interested in it this year he is the perfect age and with summer coming you can put one of those small wading pools at the bottom or give him the garden hose to spray/wash it. They love that.

If you want to see my 3D ultrasound pics you can scan down my blog to the Jan 31st posting. There you will see my son flipping everyone off, silly baby. Im just curious to see if he really will look like the pics.

lori said...

thanks for stopping by! love your blog and your fam is so adorable! congrats on your number two coming! enjoy!
i follow ya now! woot woot!

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Looks like fun--I'm wanting to get baby Koala something similar, but maybe I'll hold off until he is a bit older (unless, of course I find a great deal)!

Tena said...

fun fun!!
He looks so big in the last picture, just wait till the new little man comes, than he will look huge to you

LYNDEE said...

man im so jealous i want to get cade one so bad i just cant find the perfect one, but thats really nice. Cade loves to be outside no matter the weather, but he looks like hes having a blast on it!! yr such a sweet mommy!!!