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Monday, February 23, 2009

Poops & the Pac-n-Play

This weekend I registered for a bedside sleeper and my husband made the comment "why not just use the pac-n-play, isn't it the same thing". HMMM......The point of the bedside sleeper is that it is open on one side so it buts up right next to the bed that way when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night you can just reach over and pick him up without having of get out of bed.

My husband got me thinking, you know he is probably right why cant you just push the pac-n-play right next to the bed and have it serve the same purpose as the bedside sleeper.

So today I pulled out Poopoos old pac-n-play and assembles it to see if it would work the same. Of coarse it did, he is so smart sometimes! The funny part was that when I set up the pac-n-play Paxton just had to get in it. He played in his old pac-n-play for 20 minutes. Every time I asked him if he wanted to get out he said "no". He even insisted our Chihuahua Lilly needed in the pac-n-play as well :)

LOL he is so funny!

After dinner tonight I made rice crispy treats, I claimed they were a surprise for Poops. We all no real the truth!!!!!!!!!

They were a yummy surprise:)


BirdsMama said...

Yep...that's what our little Bird slept in for the first two months!! It worked out perfect!! WOW, is your little Chihuahua nice to your son? We have a male and he is a grumpy little thang!! We have to watch him around her!! :( Have a good one!

Amanda said...

This is what I'm going to use as well since I got rid of our bassinet after I thought I was done the last time. I'm just going to move the pad up so it's on the higher level and easier to reach over.

The rice crisy treats look so yummy!

April said...

Yeah Amanda we had a cradle with Paxton but he hated it so we got rid of it also. Raised it the same hieght as the side sleeper and it even has the changing table that hooks on to the end of it,bonus:)

The Dorns said...

I was going to set up a pack and play in our room also but decided on the amby bed its like a hanging cocoon. Its kinda pricey but wih a childcare in my home I can use it for other kids later or sell it on craigslist.

Those rice krispies look delicious......I made some at valentines and they didnt stick togethor so well.Did you use real marshmellows or marshmellow cream?

MarvelousMOM said...

Those treats look good!!